I know, I know! I've only lived in my home for just over a year! I get so bored, too quickly! I've changed my living room around about 5 times! Silly right? But I can say, every single room in this house, is not how I want it. I've got an image in my head and we're not quite there yet! But one day, it will be how we want! We got all the time in world, right? But I am not a very patient person!

I don't have any toys in the living room. In my old house, we had one long living room so all the toys were downstairs. In this house we have two rooms. We chose the smaller and back room to be the living room as it'd be much cosier in the evenings. The front room is quite a bit bigger. We use that as the 'spare room' and the 'play room'. The living room theme is duck egg and neutral colours. Since the room is pretty small, I wanted to use light and bright colours to make it look a bit bigger.

Bedside Table || Dressing Table || Basket Bench || Flower Photo Frame || Flower

By looking at the things I have chosen for my bedroom, you would never have guessed that the feature wall has Black and Gold wallpaper! I love my wallpaper and I can't imagine a light coloured featured wall in a bedroom, but I love all these choices I have chosen above. I am not quite sure if my partner would agree though.

Bunkbed || Toy Box || Bean Bag Chair || Lampshade || Bookcase || Play Table || Bunting || Bean Bag
You might of seen Mia's bedroom Tour post I wrote recently. If not, then you can read it here. Mia's bedroom originaly was the playroom. The kids wouldn't settle together in the same room, so we decided to separate them back to separate rooms again. Past few months I have been thinking that I want to put them back in one room. They are older now, so surely they should understand that just because sharing a room, doesn't give them the excuse to play with toys and run around in the bedroom when they're supposed to be sleeping? We will see.

Toy Box || Tub Chair || Bookcase || Playhouse || ABC Wall Art
Our front room, downstairs is the playroom. Even though I would love it to just have a few toys, sofa and a TV so it can be like a 'chill out' room! When the girls settle in sharing a room together later on in the year I hope to get the front room transformed into the room we want. I love decorating a playroom. I personally think a playroom should be a place of fun and learning. You can make a Playroom a room of fun and learning by putting up colourful eyecatching wall art, role play toys and many other learning toys. My girls have got plenty of 'role play' toys in their playroom.
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  1. Aww I love your style. We are just looking to buy our first house and I cant wait to decorate, but I am the same I get bored easily unless I find something perfect.

  2. You've chosen some lovely items! That sofa looks so comfy haha and the girls' bedroom looks so girly, I love it!

    Emma x

  3. I love all your choices! I wanted similar things fir my bedroom, but don't think white would go too well with magnolia walls :/ xx

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