Places To Visit In North Wales

Wales probably gets the most rain. We are known for rain and sheep! Ha ha. But I have to admit, we have stunning views. I live in North Wales. We have got stunning mountains and some lovely places to visit. So I thought I would write this post to give a rough idea on some places you could visit, if you are visiting North Wales.

1 | Greenwood Forest Park.
Last October, I got the chance to review Greenwood Forest Park. Even though it is near me, I had never been there before. I will be taking my girls there again. There are many things to do there. I would say it is for all ages. Even adults can join in! The park attraction is a fun day out for the whole family.

2 | Rhyl
Rhyl may not be the most attractive place to visit, but I have so many fun memories there from when I was little. If you go to the front, where all the arcades are then you and the family are more than likely to have a good time! You could spend most of the day there. Remember to bring all your 2 pennies! There are a few shops there too and a beach at the front. It can get busy during Summer. There are caravan parks to stay.

3 | Beddgelert
This is another place I used to visit a lot when I was a child. I have also been taking my girls there. It's a lovely and stunning place to go for a walk. It can be very busy during the Summer. Many times we have visited but not been able to get out of the car because there were no parking spaces. But the times we do manage to get a parking space, there are a lot of people having picnics by the river and in swimming costumes swimming in the river. It's a lovely family place. Lots of fun to be had with the whole family. There are many great restaurants and an ice cream shop too! I have written a couple of posts about visiting Beddgelert with my family.

4 | Caernarfon Castle
I visited Caernarfon Castle a couple of times with my Mother when I was young. I also went once with my Dad. I loved going there. I was told a story that when I went the first time, I asked my Mother 'how did princesses walk up these steps with high heels?'. It's just one of the few good memories I have with my Mother, since she doesn't bother with me now. Caernarfon Castle is a great place to visit with or without the kids. I can't wait to take my girls there one day. What I am more excited about is how they are going to use their imagination!

5 | Dinas Dinlle // Caernarfon Airport.
If you like to have a walk by the seafront then Dinas Dinlle is a lovely place to visit. I love going there when it was warm/hot. It's only 10 minutes away from. There is a chip shop, cafe's and an indian restaurant there. There is also a park and a small mountain/hill you can have a walk up. There are some stunning views to be seen. If you go further along the road, you will see Caernarfon Airport. There is a small museum and a café too. The last time I went to that side was for my Taid's 70th Birthday Surprise. I was lucky enough to be able to share the experience of going in a helicopter with my Nain and Taid.

6 | Llanberis
There are many things to in Llanberis. There are many gift shops and cafe's. There is a park for the children and a great walk. On the opposite side to the park, there is a museum and a small railway. There are many places to have a walk in Llanberis. This is a place I loved visiting when I was a child. I love taking my children there and I am looking forward for a lot more great memories with them there too.

7 | Snowdon
Climbing Snowdon is one of my best achievements in life! I am so proud of myself that I finally climbed it. There are a few ways to climb up Snowdon. Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales and England! You don't have to climb up, you can take the train too! So it's a great experience for all ages. The views are truly stunning. I would advise you to wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Bring some extra t-shirts and jackets as it can get really cold!

8 | Welsh Mountain Zoo, Colwyn Bay.
My girls love to visit the zoo. We have taken them to Welsh Mountain Zoo twice. Both times we have all really enjoyed it. Another place you could spend all day and enjoy it. There are many activities and events in the Welsh Mountain Zoo. They have a reasonable price for entry and you will enjoy the whole day! (I would advise you to take a picnic though! We weren't keen on the food in the café).

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