Why I Let My Child Play The iPad.

There are many parents out there who are totally against their child playing any technology such as iPads, Console games and phones etc. My girls are 3 and 5 years old and if i'm honest I don't like them playing with console games such as the Wii, PlayStation or X-Box and at first I was a bit iffy about them playing the iPad that we had purchased at the start of the year but recently I have changed my mind. They get a couple of hours a day on the iPad each and this is usually after school or sometimes in the day for Elliw. You may think that Elliw is just too young to play something like this but in my eyes I am glad that she enjoys playing the iPad because her speech isn't all that great and she is behind in her speech development and since she has had the iPad it has helped her a lot. We have downloaded a few games such as learning games for both ages but they both seem to love going on Youtube and listening/watching nursery rhymes and some videos about play-doh! How they've managed to find those videos I really don't know but it has learnt them both in different ways. In Elliw's way it has learnt her with some words and colours. Even though me and my partner try and learn her many things its a bonus that she's playing something she really enjoys but she is also learning at the same time.

How do you feel about your child/ren playing the iPad or any other technology devices?


  1. My boy who is almost 3 plays on my iPhone (hopefully getting a tablet sometime soon as he's answered a few calls!) mostly puzzle/jigsaw games, the duplo games are good too. He also enjoys watching YouTube videos of people playing with their Thomas & Friends or Cars toys.

    I think it's good to encourage kids to be familiar with technology as it's what our modern world and the future is based upon. I'm hoping he'll start to learn coding etc when he's older. As long as it's balanced with plenty of other activities and outdoor time I don't see a problem!

  2. My son uses my tablet daily and has for some time. Life changes, and I think we have to change with it. This type of technology is part of our children's live whether we like it or not and I think it's good for them to know how to use it. My mother was actually told to buy a game system for my brother when he was younger to help him work on his small hand coordination. Technology truly isn't all bad.


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