5 Things To Expect From You 'Poorly' Partner

If your partner is a man then you may be able relate with this post. Lets just be honest *sarcastic* men are in much more pain and a lot more ill, more than women when they are poorly. Yup. Ok then. As I am writing this, my partner has some eye infection. Although I do feel very sorry for him and hoping he does not have to have any surgery {doctor said he may have to, if it gets a little worse} BUT my god! Do they moan!

What things to expect your man is poorly
- A lot of moaning. I mean a lot. All day, every day. Even when they are on the mend.

- A mess. For some odd reason, when men are ill they seem to think it is ok not to do any kind of housework. I mean nothing. They also think it is acceptable to leave anything, anywhere.

- 'Oh i'm ill' quotes and excuses. Many of them...

- 'What are you doing tomorrow?' If they know they are home tomorrow because they are too ill to work, they will ask you what you are doing, hoping and hinting for you to take the kids out.

- Lazy partners. When Mum is ill, Mum still has to do the same damn daily routine! Dads don't... apparently.

Fair enough if they are very poorly. But for some reason my partner does most of these when he has a cold or a cough!

Does your man over react when they are ill?


  1. Hmm I think Im lucky because when my man is sick, he still do the chores.




  2. Love this post! Just too funny! #favouritepost

  3. Loved this! My hubby is awful when he is 'ill', I don't have much sympathy, especially when he leaves snotty tissues all over the place.

  4. Oh yes! They are pitiful creatures. Love your post :-)

  5. You have got this so right. I've stopped dishing out sympathy when my OH is ill, as he just makes a meal of it. It doesn't make me very popular, but it does mean he gets on with things :)

  6. In my marriage, I'm the one that gets man-flu and my boy just carries on regardless!! He's AMAZING when he's ill!!! And I man like a man!!! LOL!! :) Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday — hope to see you again next week! x

    Caro | www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk


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