Friday, 28th August 2015

The last Friday of the school summer holidays. The weather this week has not been to bad, although we have been stuck indoors the past two days. We haven't been stuck, but I have been to lazy. I feel over-tired and keep falling asleep in the day, which I never usually do!! Mind you.. once I realise I am falling asleep I keep myself awake. As I know if I fall into a deep sleep, one of the kids are bound to wake me up.

The lovely Catriona who blogs over at lovedbymummy came over today with my nephew Osian. Me and the girls love it when they come down and visit us. The girls were super excited to see them. I wasn't much fun company because I have been feeling so drained past few days. It was a lovely few hours in the house with them both. Osian, Mia and Elliw played nicely with trains, making cups of tea and drawing flowers and cars.

When Osian and Catriona left, the girls went to play upstairs and I dosed off to sleep again! I tried to stop myself going to sleep so I decided to tidy up the living room and playroom whilst the girls were behaving. I went upstairs to see how they were and this is how I found them...

I found this hilarious.. and they couldn't understand why I was laughing so much!


  1. ha ha. My son came down wearing a waistcoat and fishermans hat with a stick saying he was 'electricity man'! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

  2. There was nothing wrong with your company :) I feel like I was the bad company due to my stupid neck! Was lovely to see you three! Osian loved it too, he kept shouting Mia and Elliw, well 'Nia' and 'Llilliw'. Haha those photos of the girls are so cute! xxx


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