Mummy & Me | August

I can't believe it is August. These Summer holidays have flown by. They are super excited to get back to school and see their friends. I am going to miss them like crazy, but also feel a bit more relaxed and chilled out (hopefully). We will see. This month, we have all had our hair cuts ready for the new school term. The girls have been a right handful through these past few weeks, but having their bedtime cuddles makes it all worth it. I feel so lucky to be a Mam to these two beautiful little girls.

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  1. Lovely photos :) I agree they summer holidays seem to have flown by! #mummyandme xx

  2. Awww your girls are so so cute! I love the one of all three of you, and your countryside is just gorgeous! xx

  3. Lovely photos, your girls are gorgeous xx

  4. Gorgeous photos, I'm loving all your matching hair styles :) xx

  5. Lovely photos, the months just seem to fly by! xx


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