5 Places I'd Like To Travel

If I didn't have my children then I think me and my partner would be travelling. I went on my first ever holiday abroad early this year and it was amazing. I visited Thailand for 3 whole weeks. I loved every single minute about Hua Hin, Thailand. I've always had a list of places I would love to travel and I really hope I do get to visit these places at some point in my life.

1. New York
This is a place that has always been number one on my travelling list. I think the pictures of New York are just amazing, especially in the night time with all the lights. I am not sure if I would go to visit New York whilst the kids are this age but will most definitely look into travelling there in a few years time. My far-cousin lives in Bronx, New York so it would be lovely to visit him and his wife one day.

2. France
I loved French lessons in school and I have always been interested in their language and their way of life. I would love to experience some days/weeks in France and visit the Eiffel Tower. If we do ever travel to France I would most definitely try get my French talking back again!

3. Hollywood
I love how Hollywood looks like through photos and someone local that I know, has not long come back home from visiting Hollywood and I would absolutely love to go there one day. I think I would keep my eyes open for anyone famous! I am not quite sure why I would like to visit Hollywood, but it has always been on my wish list.

4. Hawaii
I think this would be another great place to visit and a place I would love to experience. With it's beaches and lovely cities, in photos the place looks amazing. I would love to travel to Hawaii as a family of 4.

5. Australia
I am not quite sure what attracts me to want to visit Australia if I am honest but I do like their accents and would love to experience their way of life. It would be quite interesting to see how different Australia is to us. Mia's Aunty from her Dad's side also lives in Australia.

I love looking up online about where is the best place to travel and looking more into each place. Me and my partner are hoping to visit Hua Hin in Thailand again in 2017 and we really can not wait. But we also want to visit other places, but it's all down to money isn't it. I really hope we will visit all of the 5 above soon. It would be a fantastic experience for us all and something great to look back at.

As I was looking online before writing this post I came across some websites which I would love to share with you all as I found them quite interesting. If you're planning on going on holiday then the internet is always a good way to read up on reviews and get to have more of an idea about the place.

I came across this list of top 10 most visited places in the world in 2013. New York, Singapore are just some of the places on the list but what shocked me the most is that London was the 2nd most visited place in the world with 15.96 million visitors in 2013 but winning that first spot was Bangkok which I am not shocked about if I am honest. Thailand is such an amazing place to visit.

I then came across a more updated website letting us know the best destinations to visit on TripAdvisor (Choice Awards). Bangkok and London are still on that list. If you are looking for places to visit then check out those websites.

Where would you like to travel?


  1. I've done New York, France & Hollywood - we were in Hollywood the day before the Oscars and I saw no-one! New York stage doors are good for celeb spotting though! Hawaii & Australia on my list too!

    1. Oh wow!! Fantastic!! My Taid has not long come back from Travelling a few places in America, New York was one! He really enjoyed himself! x

  2. I've been lucky enough to visit all these places. All were wonderful in their own way. (Actually despite my first son being born in LA, Hollywood is my least favorite place. Its just not as glamours as you would think..however it is totally worth going ONCE!) This is a great list though and I hope you get there soon. We had the kids in New York for the first time this summer and I was amazed how much they loved it.

  3. From your list I've been to NYC and Hollywood. NYC is quite possibly my favorite destination EVER! I highly recommend going when the kiddos are big enough to really appreciate it and enjoy it. Great food, great shopping, great broadway shows, and great sights. I'd love to visit France and Hawaii as well…maybe once our 10 month old is a bit bigger;) #twinklytuesday

  4. Oh I love to travel - I want to go to poland, New york yes and probably at Christmas time haha how cool that you have family there. Id also like to go to Thailand x #bestandworst

  5. Some great choices. I would love to see Egypt, the pyramids, alexandria etc, New Zeland for the amazin scenery and South Affrica for a safari. #MMWBH

  6. I have always wanted to visit New Zealand - every time I see it on the TV I think how beautiful it looks. Maybe one day.... #MMWBH

  7. I've been to New York and France (before I had the kids), I loved New York and France was lovely. I wouldn't be too bothered about going to Hollywood, the Hubby has been to LA a few times with work and hated it. But maybe that's because he's not bothered about fashion or celebrities? Great list. xx

  8. I've been to NYC it is ace and I can't wait to go back again, I also go to the South of France every year, it is my happy place. Not so fussed about Aus but Hawaii definitely! If I could travel anywhere I would head back to Bali where we had out honeymoon. Thanks for linking up with the #bestandworst :-) x

  9. Love Thailand! Want to go back. I'd also love to go to China, but my husband's not fussed. Australia has never been on my list, but my husband went before we met and he loves it! #MMWBH love Noah & the Girls

  10. I've done a few of those - but that was pre-child. Now the only place I want to go is our caravan down the coast. Not brave to do anything long-distance. Good luck #bestandworst

  11. Those places you have picked sound amazing and France is the only one I have been too. Great choices missus and thanks for linking up to #MMWBH x

  12. Oh all these sound so amazing too and are on my list. Hollywood is fantastic just like the movies and shows you see. California is my favorite state by far. Great round up darling Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme


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