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Thursday, 3 September 2015

First Day Back At School

I honestly can not believe it is September already. Where did the Summer go? It was a shame that we had a rubbish summer this year in North Wales. How was the weather where you are? Mia and Elliw didn't really speak much about school during the holidays. They only spoke about school in the first week as they were a little confused it was a school holiday. They also started speaking back about school again in the last week as they saw the school uniforms out, so they were pretty much excited to go back.

This year was a little different. Although I am used to having the morning away from both kids because Elliw used to be in Playschool 9am until 11am every day and Mia 9am until 3pm. This year, Elliw is in school uniform and actually starting big school. It doesn't seem real that my youngest baby girl has started Primary school. I am officially a mam of two school children.

Mia was very excited starting back in school. This year she was moving class and getting a new teacher. This year she is in Year 1! When I picked her up, she told me all about her day. Well, she actually told me she did a lot of work and how she had fun and accidently hurt herself (scrapped finger) on the school's new play area. She also got a certificate, on her first day of school saying she did well writing about her holidays! So proud of her.

Elliw was also super excited for her first day of school. She was a bit over excited when I was dressing her in the morning. It seemed so unreal that I was changing my little girl into a school uniform, my youngest baby girl. She went into school perfect fine and excited. I was lucky, because a lot of children were crying and throwing some tantrums, which was a shame! When I picked Elliw up she didn't really speak much about school. She said she enjoyed her day of playing in school but she was pretty quiet. We had to rush back home as at 12.30pm she was getting picked up by taxi to go to her speech and language school by 1pm. Elliw seemed a little confused to why I wasn't going in the taxi with her, but I was told later on that she was happy. When I saw the taxi leave I did get pretty emotional. I think I may be because she was going to a school I am not used to? I'm not sure. Maybe it was because I kind of had a full day to myself, with no kids, which I am not used to. When she arrived back home, near 4pm, she was happy and again, didn't mention much about what she did! But I am told that is exactly how her Dad was when he was her age...


  1. Aww, what a big day. I have this all to come. In two years Tin Box Tot will be starting school. It seems a long way off at the moment but I'm sure it will whizz by. I hope you get used to your solo mummy days soon x #mycapturedmoment

  2. Aw I love that photo of them cuddling each other. It reminds me of my little boy on his first day in big school, where he gave his little sister big long cuddles and told her he'll miss her. They both look adorable with their school unifroms too! #MyCapturedMoment

  3. Lots of great cuddles. So sweet! I'm glad they both enjoyed their first day/return to school.

  4. We are in the Wirral and I feel we have been cheated out of a summer too. Gorgeous pictures of the girls, I'm glad they both enjoyed it, it is such a relief isn't it? X

  5. Lovely photos. My twins start nursery next week and I'm feeling very nervous about it. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  6. Aww what beautiful photos and even better memories! Such a lovely read! Suz x

  7. Oh your girls are so gorgeous such lovely photos of them in their uniform! Scary how time flies isn't it?!

  8. Bless such a big day our twins start nursery this week great photos thanks for linking to the binkylinky

  9. Oh, what a big day for you! My youngest starts preschool this week so I will have three in 'school', such a big change! Lovely photos, they look so excited :) #mycapturedmoment

  10. Ah bless them, they both look so excited to be going to school together. First day is always such a big day, isn't it? I've got a few years before my two will be at school together but I'm sure they'll be equally excited on the big day. Thank you so much for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xxxx

  11. Aww lovely photos. My middle child started school this week. It doesn't get any easier it being your second. Glad they have both settled well and thanks for linking to #picknmix


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