Scheckter's Organic Energy Drinks Review

Not many people might know, but it is Organic September here in the UK and to celebrate this, I was asked to review some Scheckter's Energy drinks. Before I had Elliw, I was a massive fan of energy drinks, you would always see one in my hand and if I am honest, I got pretty addicted! It was hard to stop, but I never have energy drinks anymore. So I was interested to know why this particular drink/brand was so different to all the others.

Scheckter's was created in 2010 by Tony Scheckter, a former racing driver and son of Formuula 1 legend Jody Scheckter. I received a normal and a lite Scheckter's energy drink. The lite drink offers exactly the same as the normal can except it has 30% less calories. These are the first 100% natural, organic energy drinks. A great drink to have to kick start your morning, get you through the afternoon or just before a workout.

I wasn't 100% keen on the lite version but I did enjoy the normal version. It has a nice tasty fruity flavour so it could also be great for that evening drink. What I didn't like about drinking the other energy drinks before I had Elliw was I would have that 'get up and go' energy for a bit and then I would be absolutely shattered. This drink was different, it didn't make me shattered or loose energy after a couple of hours.

Have you tried Scheckter's energy drinks?


  1. I have genuinely never heard of them. Will have to look out for them in future. I get put off energy drinks as I don't like all the unnatural ingredients and only indulge on Lucozade when poorly!

  2. Good to know! I've never tried this drink but it sounds very attractive for the benefits it gives remaining your health. I happy to find this handy site! Thanks)


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