Host Your Own Halloween Party

It's October already! This year has flown by hasn't it? But don't we say that every single year? It's mad how fast it goes though, isn't it. Halloween will be at the end of the month and although I am not keen on Halloween myself, I always try to host a little Halloween party in the house for my girls. I have never been a fan of Halloween, as I really don't see the huge fuss about it but again, I will be hosting a Halloween party this year! Here are a few tips for hosting your own Halloween Party -

You will need to decide where about you will want to host your Halloween party. This all depends on how many people you are thinking of inviting. If you are inviting children then you need to try and think where would be big enough for them to run around and a place that won't get over crowded.

Invite people just like how you would invite them to a birthday party. It is always best to give enough notice to people so they can jot it down in their planner/diary. A great way to invite is still by using paper invites, if it's adults you are inviting then you could use Facebook events.

Of course you will have to decorate the room you are hosting your party in. There are many affordable banners, decorations and all sorts in shops and online such as Ebay. To make it a proper Halloween party you can try to make it as scary and spooky but child friendly as you can.

You will need to know how many people are going to come to your party first, so you know how much to cater for. It may be best to do a bit extra just in case. There are many great Halloween food ideas on Pinterest.

You will need to entertain your guests. For children you could play the classic games such as musical statues, pass the parcel and many more. These games would most definitely keep the kids entertained through out the party.

There is a lot of fantastic ideas on Pinterest for a Halloween Party.

Are you hosting a Halloween party this year?

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