I literally can not believe that we are in October. How fast did September go?! We managed to do many things last month. With the weather being so nice for most of the month it was a huge bonus.

The first week of September was pretty emotional. It was the first week back to school. Watching my youngest baby girl going to big school for the time, in a school uniform! She only goes to the local primary school (9am - 11am) twice a week because she goes to a speech school for the other 3 days in the afternoon. I can't say that the schools have changed her in many ways during the past month but it her speech has improved.

The first week of September was also watching Mia go to Year 1. I can not stop thinking that she only has 5 more years left until Secondary school. Please slow down. She absolutely loves her new teacher and she loves going to school. Both my baby girls are growing to fast.

We also went for a family meal with my partners parents. Mia was in her Dad's so she wasn't able to come with us. I was lucky enough to be asked to review The Beeches, Restaurant in Wrexham. It had been a while since we went out for a family meal. It was a lovely way to all have a catch up and just relax.

We don't go out for food very often but we went 3 times in September. We went to The Beeches and we went to Aroy Dee Thai Noodle Bar restaurant in Bangor, North Wales. We went once just me and my partner and the other time we invite my partners parents and his uncle and aunty. It was really nice to have a lovely get together.

We have done a lot of crafts last September, especially towards the end of the month which you can all see by the weekend. The girls have loved it and so have I. I have tried my best to back off from the laptop and phone over the past month and concentrate more on family life. I have a lot of tips to share with you soon. I can't wait to share many more posts with you this month!

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