Mia & The Listening Bear

A couple of days ago I did my normal school run to pick up Mia from school. Mia was super happy, hyper and excited because she got bring 'Cymro' the listening bear home with her. Cymro (welsh name) is the schools listening bear and the teacher chooses one child a day to take the bear home with them. The child who gets chosen had listened, been polite and behaved all day. But I am sure there is more than one child that does this a day so I am sure they just share the bear out for everyone to have their turn.

Mia has been wanting this bear ever since the first day back at school, so I am sure you can imagine how happy she was. Cymro came in a red bag with two sets of pyjamas, day clothes and a book. The book was for us parents to write in what Cymro had heard through his time with Mia. We had to list all the positive things such as Mia asking for things politely, using the words please and thank you.

Mia was very well behaved from the minute she came from school. I don't think she had a row at all that day if I remember rightly. She didn't stop saying please, thank you and asking for everything (ever so politely too!). She listened to everything I said and even asked "Mam can I go to bed with Cymro now please" before 7pm. She was super excited. These are some of the things Mia said during her time with Cymro -

"Please can I do my homework with Cymro Mam?"

"Thank you so much Mam"

"Please can we have dinner now Mam. Thank you"

"Mam can I go to bed with Cymro now please"

"Mam can you help me put Cymro's pyjamas on please"

There were many other sentances she said too. Mia is a polite girl and will say thank you and please, a lot but for this day after school she was polite in every single sentence she said. She was so proud she got to bring Cymro home with her and I am proud of my little girl too.


  1. Aww that's lovely!My little boy took "Barnaby" the school bear home last year and he went everywhere with us.He was so proud!Your bear looks to be in much better nick though,ours was looking like he'd been out partying all night lol x #picknmix

  2. What a cute idea this bear is! Very sweet looking bear too :) Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

  3. Love the idea of Cymro the listening bear. Adorable that Mia wanted to do her homework with Cymro. She looks so proud to have him home with her in the last picture x

  4. Awww, this bear is such a good idea! Cam has a class owl that he is due to borrow soon and we have to get up to lots of adventures with the bear! I would personally rather have Cymro the listening bear!

    Laura x x x

  5. Love that she named him Cymro haha!! That's so sweet that she wanted to do her homework with him :) xx

  6. Is that jusy a fabulous little treat for well behaved kids. Sounds like she was delighted to him home for a sleepover. If i were you I'd find his twin and gift it to het haha xx

  7. Awww how fab! Love this idea! Gorgeous photos! :)

  8. How lovely, love how he has his own pj's! Anything that encourages a child to do there homework and go to bed sounds like a great idea to me.

  9. The bear looks like a great idea! And what a polite young lady you have :)


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