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As Mia is getting older she is not wanting a story before bed but I try my best to read a story to her most nights, if she lets me but she prefers to draw and write before she goes to sleep. Elliw on the other hand loves a story book before bed. She has one every single night at bedtime. When my partner goes to work on the weekend in the evenings, when it reaches bedtime we do our usual routine by getting changed to pyjamas and then cuddle up to bed with both of them for a story book. They love weekends when they both share a bed to listen to a story. Sometimes I have to make up my own story, which can be pretty hard when you're overly tired.

How can you make story telling fun?
- Different voices. Children get bored easily. Change your voice with different characters through the book. Try and do some funny voices too which is bound to make your child giggle.
- Make funny facial expressions. Whilst doing your voices, you need the expressions too! It's a bonus and will most definitely make your child laugh.
- Ask questions about the story half way through the book and ask your children what they think will happen towards the end.
- At the end of the book as the children what they liked. Ask them questions about the book and see if they answered correctly by going through the book again to find the answers.
- Don't be boring, be jolly!

I think it is quite important to read books. It's such a shame that these days iPad's have taken over but that is what it is now. But we can also make that change to keep the books going. There is nothing better than cuddling up with your child and reading a story book. Your child is sure to have a lot of excitement listening to you reading them a story.

Why read a book to your child?
There are many reasons to why you should a book to your child. Although iPad's can learn children many things these days, a book will always be best. Children still read books at schools and probably bring a book home from school as homework too. Reading a book can bring your bond and relationship even closer with your child.

When is the best time to read a book?
You can read a book to your child anytime and for how many times you like. You could pick the same time once a day to pick up a book and read to your child. Most parents like to read a book to their child just before bedtime. Sometimes a book can be a way to settle and calm your child down too.

McDonalds sent me a few freebies which included 2 Roald Dahl books and a few paper masks as you can see in the photos below we had a fun time trying them all on. McDonalds will be giving away millions of Roald Dahl books in Happy Meal boxes for a few weeks. So go and get yours! Their initiative to do this is to hopefully encourage parents and children to pick up a book and read.

Happy studio app is an app where you can read your story aloud and then the app makes some exciting sound effects to go with your story! A great way to make your child's story come alive and let them be excited over a story.

Top ingredients for exciting storytelling – as voted for by kids!
McDonald’s has also carried out research into story time and can reveal the top five ingredients for extraordinary Roald Dahl-inspired storytelling, voted for by kids aged 5-11:
1.            Funny voices to bring to life different characters (70%)
2.            Sounds effects and strange, surprising noises (43%)
3.            Facial gestures and expressions to make them laugh (27%)
4.            Parents, grandparents and siblings taking it in turns to read (20%)
5.            Acting out scenes from their favourite storybook (17%) 
For some lucky McDonalds restauraunts around the country they are bringing some stories to life! With an enchanted set and a theatre cast in four lucky restaurants.
- 11th October - in Liverpool the cast played the story Fantastic Mr Fox.
- 17th October - Belfast the cast played Matilda (my favourite book and film!)
- 24th October it will be Glasgow's turn to have James and the Giant Peach brought to life for you in McDonalds restaurant on Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow town centre.
- On 31st October the last lucky restaurant on Queen Street in Cardiff town centre you will see Charlie and the chocolate factory come to life!
Do you read to your child often? Do you have any favourite Roald Dahl books?
* I was sent 2 Roald Dahl books and some other items to write this post. I was also asked to visit Liverpool but was unable to attend.

    1. Ever since Ben was really young we've read to him at bedtime. He still loves it, and even asks us to read to him during the day sometimes as well. Or will sit by himself and look through his books.


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