5 Ways To Prepare Yourself For Christmas

Christmas can be an expensive and a stressful time for many of us. Many of us worry if they have bought enough for their children and family and others will worry about Christmas or space in their home. There are many ways to prepare yourself for Christmas. The last thing you want to be on Christmas is stressed and that is why it is always best to try and prepare yourself.

1. Sort each room out
There are many things you don't need in your house. Many items can be taken to Charity shop or you can sell them on to get some extra cash before Christmas. Sorting out each room before Christmas can make you feel less stress as you know there won't be added house work to do once all Christmas presents are open!

2. Pay your debts
If you have any debts with any company or any friend or family member, try and pay them off before Christmas. Celebrating Christmas and entering a new year knowing you don't have to pay anything else off can be a weight off your shoulder. If you have a big debt and struggling, sit down and write down what you can afford to pay each week or month or work out a debt arrangement scheme to lighten the load & get your finance in order.

3. Wrap early!
Don't let Christmas Eve be a full evening of wrapping. Try and wrap presents bit by bit or if you are in the mood - do it all in one evening before Christmas Eve! You will feel less tired on Christmas Day and you can relax more on Christmas Eve.

4. Christmas crafts
If you are not in that 'Christmas' mood then try and make some Christmas crafts with the kids to put yourself in that Christmas mood. Even decorating the house may help you get into the Christmas spirit.

5. Plan gifts
Write everybody's name down on a piece of paper and write what you are wanting to get them. You can search online to find a rough price for each present which will also help you budget this Christmas.

Are you prepared for Christmas this year?

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  1. Great tips and advice for families for the coming holiday. It's about love and time together isn't it? Preparation and being organized is key too! lol :) Love the photo. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme


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