Cosy Winter Evenings

I have always loved those cosy winter evenings. The evenings where you can snuggled up on the sofa with a blanket, fire on and watch TV with a cup of tea. I dislike how cold it is during the day but the cosy evenings sure do make up for it, doesn't it? Sometimes anyway.

1. Dressing gown
I love my dressing gown in the winter days and nights. If it's a cold day or evening you will always see me in my bright pink dressing gown! I desperately need a new one though, a longer one!

2. Log burner
The best thing we ever bought for our home was a log burner. It is perfect for those cold winter evenings. Diming or switching the lights off and just cosying up by the fire with a cup of tea is the best.

3. Hot drink / cup of tea
A hot drink is a must in the cold winter days and evenings. Keeps your body warm and it's just nice having a hot drink in the cold weather isn't it.

4. Slippers
I live in my slippers! Especially during winter I try and find some warm cosy slippers to wear. A big must on my list to get cosy in the winter evenings. I always try and buy a few slippers during January sales because I do see prices go up on cosy slippers near the winter and I always grudge paying more than £5 for slippers!

5. Cosy blanket on the sofa
I love those evenings when the kids are in bed sleeping and I am cosying up on the sofa or in bed with a cosy fluffy blanket!

How do you spend your winter evenings?


  1. It sounds perfect! I am with you on all fronts, though I envy you your log burner. I also like candles burning and my fairy lights twinkling x

  2. It sounds lovely....I would love a log burner but I don't think our landlord would be best pleased....hehehe

  3. Sounds perfect! Once Ben is in bed and the lounge is tidy, I love settling down in my pyjamas, dressing gown and slipper with a hot drink normally a hot chocolate or Ovaltine! x

    Anna -

  4. If that is your house in the photograph I am extremely jealous. Lovely list, all must haves for a cosy night. Especially slippers and dressing gown....they are on my Xmas list! #bestandworst

  5. This is my heaven...we have just come back from Ireland and there was a coal fire! Was bliss. Thanks for linking up with #bestandworst and enjoy your snuggling xx

  6. Oh as much as I hate the winter I do love a good snowy one in front of the fireplace with a nice crochet blanket on me and cuddle up reading a book. Ahhh heavenly . Your post just put me in the cozy mood! lol Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme


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