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I will be attending my first ever blogging event next year and I am nervous as hell. I have been thinking about what shall I bring with me and at the top of my list was some business cards. Not long after, I was contacted by the lovely people from myprint247 and was offered to review 100 business cards. That's when I thought about what shall I include on my blogger business cards? How would I make it look professional and stand out?

Bloggers need business cards too. Not just big companies. Business cards are great for any events that bloggers may attend. Also if anyone you speak to is interested about what you do - keep business cards in your wallet/purse - and give them a card to check your blog out.

What details?
It's important to make sure you write your contact details on your business cards. After all that is what they are all about. The most important details to include on your business cards are - your website, e-mail address, contact number (if you want), 2 or 3 social media website links. You need to be sure that these details are readable and very clear. If you are struggling for room then maybe you take one or two social media link out but be sure that they are clear on your blog in case someone wants to see your social media sites.

The design you decide on is up to you but you need to be sure it relates to your blog. Ideally the design should be similar or the same as your layout and your blogs header. Every font should be very clear and readable. It is up to you if you want your business card to be bright and colourful or white and black but it should be eye-catching and there are ways you can make both designs (colourful or white and black) eye-catching by using photos and certain types of fonts (but readable).

Front of card?
On the front of your business card should be your business name and logo. So for bloggers this should ideally be the same as your blog header. Make sure that it is clear and yet again, eye-catching. If you have your cards on a table then it is the front of the cards that are on show, so you need it to look interesting for someone to pick up.

Back of card?
This is where the important bits go. You need to be sure you have your full name and clear contact details. I have also included my blog website and what type of blogger I am too. As said above, don't make it too crowded - so if you are loosing some space just take the social media websites off and be sure they are easy to find on your blog instead.

I personally think that photos are a lot more eye catching that fonts alone. If you are to include a couple of photos or logo on your business card you are more than likely to get more people to be interested in picking a business card up. Pictures say a lot more than words.

Many places offer business cards at reasonable prices but I got the chance to review 100 business cards from myprint247 which give you the option to have your business cards one or double sided, silk or recycled, choice of coating and straight or rounded corners. I went for double sided cards because I think you can include a lot more details on a double sided business card than a normal single sided card. There is also a choice whether you want to browse a design, create a design or upload your own design/image/logo.

Now one lucky reader has the chance to win 100 business cards from myprint247. All you have to do to enter is be sure to read the Terms and Conditions below and then enter via Rafflecopter! Simple. Good luck everyone.
Terms and Conditions
1. Prize is 100 business cards
2. Prize is provided by
3. Winner will be informed via e-mail within 48 hours of giveaway ending
4. Winner must reply to my e-mail within 7 working days
5. UK entrants ONLY
6. Giveaway ends: 14th November at 11:59PM
Good Luck


  1. Such a useful blog post. I have never thought about making blog business cards but I will definitely think about it after reading this x

  2. This is exactly what I needed to read today as on my list of blogging things to do is get some business cards asap! Yours look lovely xx

  3. Oh class. I.don't have any business cards because I only attended one blog event so far. I'm.hoping to attend more though in future.

  4. Good tips. I've read a few posts about this recently. I'm off to Blogfest in a few weeks and now thinking I will look like the massive amateur that I am without a handy stack of business cards. Do they still do them in those machines at the entrance to Asda, or did that go out with the dinosaurs?

  5. I've just been looking into getting Business cards so this has come at a great time! Thanks for sharing x

  6. Great post and your cards are gorgeous. I have some very basic ones but really need some professional ones. Kaz x

  7. So helpful and I love your design! #MMWBH

  8. Your business cards look great! You're right about the photos, they definitely make them seem so much more personal. I've never thought about making business cards for the blog but definitely will do once I start to attend some blogger events. #TwinklyTuesday

  9. Lovely business cards there and good tips. I need to get some new ones made. #MMWBH

  10. Hi Beth, I think your business cards look lovely! This is such a helpful post for anyone thinking about making business cards, something that I would like to do in the next few months if I can. It's great to have a clear idea of what to include and what to think about. Your end results just show how much thought and consideration has gone into them, they look so professional. I would love to create something similar and your giveaway is a fantastic opportunity to! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Hope to see you again next week! Emily

  11. Ooh these are fantastic!! I had some mini business cards made when I first started my blog but Ive changed my branding since then so would love to get some new ones!! #brilliantblogposts

  12. These look lovely! I like that they have photos on as well as all the details #coolmumsclub

  13. I have been procrastinating about this very subject. I want to get mine done but I keep changing my mind on the design. Maybe your giveaway be the kick up backside that I need to get on with it! #brilliantblogposts

  14. I totally need to get mine sorted - the idea keeps falling out of my brain...then ear....but this has given be a good reminder and what a useful giveaway! Thanks so much for linking up toe #coolmumclub! x

  15. A great post hun. My business cards are very simple with just my website, a contact number, and my email address on the front. Nothing on the back. I like to keep things simple! :)

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