Coca-Cola Truck Tour Dates In Wales

Last year I was super excited because I got to see the Coca-Cola truck for the very first time - in person! The girls were a little too young and didn't really know what it was all about. Growing up I was always excited seeing the Coca-Cola truck advert on TV. The music, the lights and just everything about the advert makes it feel like Christmas and I really can not wait until this years first Coca-Cola truck advert.

I got to see the Coca-Cola truck in Caernarfon last year, which is only a 15-20 minute car ride away from where we live so we didn't mind. This year it is a bit further so me, my partner and the girls won't be going to see it this time. The truck will be missing out a few towns from last year but will be visiting new towns this year.

When: Tuesday, December 1
Where: Back Lane Car Park, Newtown, Powys

When: Wednesday, December 2
Where: Abergele Rd, Colwyn Bay, Conwy

When: Wednesday, December 2 between 12 noon and 8pm.
Where: Spring Gardens, Cowell Street, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, SA15 1UW

When: Thursday, December 3 between 12noon and 8pm.
Where: ASDA Cardiff Coryton, Longwood Drive, Coryton, Cardiff, CF14 7EW

Will you be seeing the Coca-Cola truck this year?

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  1. Possibly not this year as Colwyn Bay may be a bit too far after work. But I also saw it in Caernarfon last year... took Little Miss (she was 11months) and she enjoyed the fake snow! :)


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