My Five Year Old Can Read A Book

A couple of weeks ago Mia had an extra story book in her homework bag. I wasn't quite sure what it was for but I brought it up to her bedroom as I was putting her to bed and she asked if she could read it. I said yes. So she read the book to me and it shocked me so much. She said each word so clear and the way read the book along with her expressions was pretty funny but so cute!

I hadn't a clue at what age kids started reading or writing if I am honest but I am learning so much things about kids now because of Mia. Never did I think Mia could read a whole book herself, with no help from me. She had parents evening not long ago and she is doing brilliantly well in school and enjoys reading and numeracy. She is still very tidy with her handwriting and it has improved a lot. Mia is forever with a pen in one hand and a notebook in the other.

It has become part of routine that every Monday after school Mia and I will sit down and do her homework before Elliw comes back from her speech school. It's actually quite nice just me and her too. Her homework is a lot more now than before as it used to be one page with just a couple of things such as copying letters but now it is a full double-sided homework and can be sometimes quite confusing for me!

Mia really enjoys reading her book to me, my partner and Elliw. She is only able read a certain book called 'Helo Helo' at the moment because that is what they are learning in school but she is really trying her best to read other books too. She is starting to read words aloud which is really impressive. She is so confident in her words and numbers. Really am proud of my girl.


  1. It really is a lovely surprise first time round isn't it? I remember when BP started reading, I was bowled over! LP (6yrs old) loves to read, he's now onto books like The BFG - which we read together. :) I love that he loves to read.

  2. Aaah bless her!! Good girl!!! Amazing for such a little lass to be so good at reading already! I loved — and STILL love — books when I was a little girl too. Lovely to see that my twins already love their books too at just 2 and a half :) Thanks so much for linking up with us! #TwinklyTuesday

  3. Oh yes, I remember when Helen started reading. Seems like such a long time ago but it was only a couple of years ago and once she stopping her. You wait, it'll be complicated maths sums next! #MMWBH

  4. Ah, well done Mia. She sounds like she is doing really well. It is lovely to hear them read by themselves and they feel so proud of the achievement too. Fantastic!
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids


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