How To Write A Good Blog Post

I have written many different posts over the past two years and I have over 160+ draft posts. Either I didn't feel it was the right time to post, others I am worried about the reaction to the post and some are just post ideas which I will write in future. There are many things to think about before publishing a blog post.
 - is the post benifical for your blog/readers?
 - any spelling mistakes?
 - is there enough information?
 - does it look ok?
 - will it be read?

Blog Post Title - A blog post title is so important. This is what will attract your readers to read the rest of the post - so you need it to sound interesting and eye-catching. Ideally you don't want your title to be too short and not to long either.  

Layout - When I write my posts I have always used the 'left align' as I think it's easier to read and I have heard a few other people say the same thing. I always use a certain layout technique when I write my posts - Beginning, Middle and End - Firstly, you need an introduction to the post so this would be your beginning. The middle part of your post is the part with the most information - the part where you get straight to the point about the post. Lastly, the end bit should be the exit for the post and possibly a question for your audience. You should break these up by using images (below).

Images - I personally think adding images to a blog post is very important. Many blogs I come across don't have any images and if I am honest - I just click 'X' as I just find it too much writing squished together. You need images to break up your post. Just like magazines, would you read magazines if it was all just writing and no images? I wouldn't. Make your images X-Large in size or make them the same width as your post. Small images don't give a post justice!

Include your readers - When you write your post, include your readers by asking questions and write it like you are talking to them. This will make them feel included and hopefully read the whole post with interest.

Make it your own - If you have thought of a post idea and you see someone else has written a similar post - go ahead and write yours and just make it your own. If you see another Blogger has a very successful post - don't go writing a similar one just because of that. Write a post because you want to. Write your honest opinions and experiences. This will get your readers to learn a bit more about you too.

Add Lists - I try to break up my blog posts with writing lists (such as this one) and using images (above). A list will make it more readable and hopefully gain more readers too. If you see one post with a lot of paragraphs and another post with lists in between, which one would you read? I would read the one with lists in first.

Has this helped you? Do you have any other tips on writing a good blog post?

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