Comment Share Support #1 & Intro

Welcome to week #1 of Comment, Share & Support which is a brand new linky and a group on Facebook too. I have been thinking long and hard about this group and linky and how I should host it, when I should host it and if I should just have a group or linky or both. Of course, I decided to do both. My aim of this linky and group is to bring bloggers together, support and engage with each other. Whether you want to gain more traffic, more likes/followers or even discover new blogs/social media, this is what I hope you can gain from linking up and getting involved with the group.
How is it different from other linkies?
Each week is different. There will be a different way of engaging and supporting other bloggers each week such as following social media, commenting blog posts etc. There are a few rules I would like you all to follow if you do decide to join in.
Week #1 - Share a blog post
Week #2 - Share your Twitter
Week #3 - Share your Pinterest
Week #4 - Share your Facebook page
Week #5 - Share your Instagram page
What if I have already followed/liked an account?
If you have already liked or followed an account on Twitter then you must re-tweet one of their tweets. If you have already followed via Instagram then you must comment and like a photo. if you already follow a Pinterest account - you must re-pin. If you already like a Facebook page then you must comment and like OR share a post. So you will always be supporting other bloggers.
What about the Comment Share Support group on Facebook? Is it different to the linky?
Yes. It is different. The list you see above (week #1 etc) it is just the other way around on the group. So Week #1 will be 'Share your Instagram page', Week #2 will be Share your Facebook page and so on. Please be sure to follow rules on the group threads too. The threads will be weekly on the group - not daily. So you do have 1 week to complete tasks. There will also be a Share It Sunday thread every Sunday (of course) and two other threads during the week which will be different each week.
Guest Blogger
Would you like to be a guest blogger? Each week on the linky there will be a guest blogger. Basically it's just a space on the linky where you can share 3 social media links, link to your blog and a little bit about yourself. This is another way of supporting bloggers. So if you are interested to be a Guest Blogger please e-mail me - and be sure to name the subject Guest Blogger on CommentShare.
What's a Featured Blogger?
A Featured blogger is someone who I choose each week to be featured on the linky and group. On the group i will write a post about why I chose that blogger as a featured blogger - and I will do the same on the linky too. As well I will share 2 social media links and a link back to the blog.
Help spread the word...
When you join in, feel free to tweet me @lifeasmumblog and i will re-tweet.
What if I miss the date of 'completing tasks'
Don't worry but be sure to do it as soon as you can. A repeat of this (3+) will mean i will have to remove you from the group and linky. This is a support linky and group so if you would like to join then be sure you are willing to comment/follow/like other bloggers too.
What are the RULES?
1. You must comment/follow/like 5 other bloggers.
*remember if you already follow/like you must comment/like/share a post or photo*
2. Only one link per person.
3. When linking up a blog post - please be sure it's NOT a giveaway or another linky as there are threads for this on the group.
4. You must complete all tasks on the date it says on the group/linky.
5. Failure to follow the rules will end up you being banned/removed from group and linky.
Would you like to co-host?
Have you got time to spare to help me run this linky and group?
You must also take part in most threads/linky
Must be kind-of organised
Are you willing to help me out by checking that everyone has completed their tasks?
Then e-mail me
Now here is for WEEK ONE!
For Week #1 you can share a blog post and must comment on 5 other blog posts.
Blog post can be old or new.
Please only link up one post.
No giveaways or other linky's.
Over on the group this week is a thread to engage with Instagram (follow/comment/like).
Click here to join in


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