Homemade Minion House

When the girls came home from school I decided to do some crafts since we hadn't done any crafts for a while. I had a parcel through in the morning and there was an empty large cardboard box, so all afternoon I had been trying to think of ideas what I could do with the kids. In the end I decided the girls could make their own little toy house. They really enjoyed themselves.

This is so cheap to do. You don't have to use a party table cover, you could use wrapping paper or even let your child(ren) colour paper and then stick the paper around the cardboard box. This whole activity craft could only cost you less than £5. The box is free as you can use it from a parcel, the table cover/wrapping about £1, felt pens you can buy from shops around 45p and paper and sellotape you may get less than £1 together.

I got the girls to colour in 4 different papers for the floor of their homemade minion house. Although I don't think they understood what I said properly but they did a pretty good job. Whilst they coloured in I stuck the minion cover around the cardboard with selotape. There was a bit of cutting to make sure the minion pattern was on properly but it turned out ok in the end I guess. It's a simple craft activity to make but the girls loved it and love playing in their minion house that they made!


  1. How cute. I've got absolutely loads of boxes at the moment, actually, so I should really do something like this with the boys (or the older one at least). We had a power cut the other day and Tyger wanted me to cut a hole in a box for him to use as a pretend TV (because he's seen that on an episode of Peppa Pig where there's a power cut) but other than that I haven't really bothered doing any crafts with big boxes in ages. Thanks for the idea!

  2. This is a fab idea, we have a load of boxes from when we moved and need to do something crafty with them. They are such a variety of sizes. I bet the Toddler would love to make a toy house I just haven't really thought about it, I used to love doing it when I was younger.

  3. I REALLY have to gear myself up for doing crafts - it's my least favourite thing! #cssupportbloggers

  4. Great idea! I used to love making my own little toy and doll houses as a child! #cssupport

  5. What a great idea and so much fun to do!! Your little ones seem really happy doing this!! I will have to use this idea at home!! My girls will love it too!! :-) xxx

  6. What a fab idea! I am not the greatest arts and crafts mummy, so I love this. So easy and fun to do. Ill have to give this a go with my little one over christmas when we have lots of time to get crafty :-). Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays again! Emily


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