Top 5 Family Christmas Films

Everybody is talking about it and you have probably seen decorations up too! Yep! Christmas is on its way and there's not long to go either. Christmas for children is about waking up in the morning to a room full presents from family and Santa Clause. Christmas to me is a day to relax and spend with family. My most favourite thing to do on Christmas day and the weeks before Christmas is to light a fire in our log burner, cosy up and watch a Christmas film.

Home Alone
I think Home Alone is one of the most loved Christmas films out there. An 8 year old trouble maker called Kevin McCall is accidently left behind at home whilst the rest of his family are away abroad. Kevin finds himself in trouble and must protect his family home from two burglars. Home Alone is a very funny film which the whole family will enjoy.

Polar Express
I must be honest.. I only watched this film last year. I heard of it but never sat down to watch it. It didn't seem the film that I would enjoy BUT it loved it. This film sure does give you that Christmas feeling. This film is about a young boy who has a ride on the Polar Express to the North Pole and learns a few good things on his travels. Another great film that the whole family will enjoy.

This film is hilarious. A perfect family film for all ages. This film is about an 'Elf' named Buddy played by the brilliant actor Will Ferrell. Buddy was brought up with Elf's and is unaware of his humanity. When he is in the 'real world' with other humans, to go find his father who is on the naughty list! There is a lot more to this great film. A must watch.

The Nightmare Before Christmas
The first time I watched this film was last year. I really enjoyed it and so did the girls. I would say this is another great family film. Jack Skellington discovers Christmas Town... but he doesn't really understand the concept! Another must watch - if you haven't watched it before.

The Grinch
This is one of my all time favourite films. Also played by one of my favourite actors Jim Carrey. The Grinch isn't really a big fan of Christmas and plans to steal Christmas. This funny and great Christmas film is a must watch and a great family film.

Have you watched any of these films? What's your favourite Christmas film?


  1. I love Christmas films! I've seen all these, and my fave is Home Alone. Such a classic :) #justanotherlinky

  2. We've just spent a week without telly as we were waiting for our Virgin to be sorted so we've watched a lot of DVDs...and I think we've watched Elf every day at least once!! My son loves it and I love it too, it's so funny. "Santa!!!! I know him!!!!!" <---- best bit! #justanotherlinky

  3. Yes to Wlf & Hoe Alone - the others not so much. Not actually seen Polar Express yet. Muppets Christmas Carol is in my top 5. And Die Hard!! #JustAnotherLinky

  4. It's not Christmas without Home Alone! Great choices :) Thanks for hosting #justanotherlinky, loving the new look :)

  5. Elf and Home Alone are our faves!! Can't wait to dig them out! Thanks for hosting xx

  6. Ahh! I do love Christmas films...I think we need to watch some soon x

  7. I had to read this as I LOVE Christmas and we love Christmas films in our family, especially Home Alone (my husband's favourite!) We've never actually watched The Grinch or Nightmare before Christmas but will definitely have a watch! I can also recommend Deck the Halls - not really a family film but a good easy, festive watch for the adults :) Thanks for hosting #justanotherlinky


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