1000th Published Post

I have been waiting to write this post for a very long time! This is my 1000th Published post! Well if I am honest, the post about my second scan is my 1000th published post but I accidently forgot to click publish on this post first! So I will just 'pretend' this is my original 1000th post.

I honestly can not believe I have written 1000 posts on my blog. I had a look through my archives list (below on the side bar) the other day and read some of my very first blog posts, most of them were just letters to my girls but the others were some kind of 'tips and advice' posts. I write so differently to them posts right now. My writing is brilliant and it never will be perfect but I am shocked on how much I have actually improved.

I do have to thank Kerry from  OhSoAmelia for helping me out so much by answering all my questions and it was her blog that gave me inspiration to start my own. I am so glad I started. It's something I can look back on when the girls are older and something I can just write my thoughts and feelings down without and judgment (most of the time). I have had the amazing opportunity to work for some amazing and popular companies and I am really looking forward to the future of my blog.


  1. Well done you! A great milestone! x

  2. Congratulations! That's a lot of blogging!! x

  3. Fab achievement! I hope I'm still keen when I get to my 1000! x


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