How I Feel About Becoming A Mum Of 3

Since I found out I was pregnant with Baby #3 I haven't really thought about how will I cope when Baby is here and how will it be, up until recently. Mia woke up early hours of the morning the other week and Elliw had woken up too but Elliw had woken up a few times in the night previously too! Safe to say, I was miserable and I was tired. It did come to my mind, how am I going to cope if all 3 kids are awake early hours in the morning? This time round I am going to breastfeed, so that also comes to mind. Luckily, I do have my partner so he can help in some ways too.

The thought about school mornings and having to get 2 children and 1 baby ready hasn't really bothered me yet. I think it may be because I am due the end of July, which the Summer holidays would have already started. So I will kind of have enough practise and into a small routine by the time school starts. Also knowing that Elliw will also be going to full time school is a big help, knowing I will only have to do two school runs a day and not 3.

It does kind of scare me a little bit that I will have a little innocent baby in my arms by the end of July/start of August (if they let me go over my due date) but I am also getting really excited about the thought of a newborn baby. I am not sure what it really is like having 3 kids under 6 but I am definitely up for the challenge.

I am worried about falling into depression again but I have already started to try and prevent it, if I can. One of my worries was my weight and I have joined Slimming World back and aiming to loose a stone during my pregnancy. Seeing as Baby will born in the Summer and if everything goes well just like after I had Elliw then I am hoping to go out for walks during Summer with the kids. If not, then I will be going for walks whilst the kids are in school full time from September onwards.

Overall, I am pretty much excited to become a Mum of 3. Never did I think I would have 3 children by the age of 23 (nearly 24 when Baby arrives) but I am looking forward to it. Looking forward for Mia and Elliw to meet their new baby brother OR sister. Watching another child bond with them both and hopefully they can bond with him or her well too.


  1. I had my third in August just gone, and I went through exactly the same worries as you! I can tell you that, 5months in, I have actually managed the school run somehow and it isn't nearly as bad as I had built it up to be in my head!!
    My two older boys (4 and 7) are amazing with their little sister, which helps massively. I'm sure your girls will happily love their new big sister roles!
    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! x

  2. First of all, congratulations. How exciting to be welcoming a new baby into the home. Having children always seems to be 'on the job training'so we learn as we go along. The key is not to sweat the small things and to enjoy the time as much as possible...oh, and take naps whenever possible! #fartglitter

  3. It's probably a good thing that you're thinking about these things, you'll be ready for anything :) #fartglitter

  4. Congratulations! There's me worrying about the second one (when it happens) and you have the third. Of course it's hard work (with any number) but so so worth it! We all have the strength to do what we have to. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays! Kaye xo


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