Tips To Run Your Own Linky

I do advise Bloggers, especially new bloggers to link up to linky's as they are great for finding new blogs to read and gaining traffic. However, many people also think about running their own linky. To run your own linky is hard work. It takes time, a lot of time. But there are also many things to think about before starting your own linky and that includes research too.

Naming Your Linky
Naming your linky can be pretty tough as there are so many linkys out there. I don't have a problem with a linky that has a similar name because all linkys are similar in ways. But some Bloggers do mind, so keep that in mind. I would advise you to go for a completely different name and something unique for your linky. If you have chosen a topic for your linky, then the name should go with that topic.

Some Bloggers add the day of the week as their linky name such as Marvellous Mondays, Sunday Photo, Twinkly Tuesday and more. There are many fantastic linky names out there.

Choosing The Topic of Your Linky
In a way the topic should be related to your blog. There is no point having a Parenting linky for your Beauty blog etc. There are many linky themes out there such as Photography, Maternity, Parenting, Beauty, Food etc. But there are also linky's out there which allow any kind of posts to link up. My linky #justanotherlinky which runs every Saturday until Monday has a fantastic mix of posts each week.

How Long Is It Running For?
You need to decide how long you are going to run your linky for and will it be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. To decide how long to run the link for is your choice. I would advise the linky to run for 3-5 days. This gives you time to comment on blog posts and also gives people time to link up, before starting the next linky.

Strict or Not?
You should decide if you want to have strict rules on your linky. Most rules on linky's include:
No more than 2 posts
Must comment on host posts
Must comment on atleast 3 other blog posts
and so on...
Again, this is up to you.

Have You Got The Time?
Before starting a linky you should think about time. Have you really got the time to run a linky? Have you got the time to comment on every post before the next linky starts? Are you able to run it? If yes, then go ahead! If you fancy the challenge, then go ahead! If you are unsure, maybe you could look around for a co-host? The lovely Kirsty co-hosts #justanotherlinky with me and she has been a huge help. It is much easier for another Blogger to help you host a linky, especially if you don't have so much time some weeks.

Do you like linking up with linky's? Here is a big list of the linky's I join in with each day.

Do you run your own linky? Have you thought about it?

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