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There are an incredible amount of freebie offers just laying around for the taking today. Most of us don’t even know a thing about them, but today you are going to find out. Freebies typically will come to you in the form of an email, advertisement, or you to gain access to the top most desirable freebies available you can visit websites online. That updates new freebie deals—daily! 

But there is a new trick to this trade. One that some of you may not have ever thought of doing but when you hear it may think to yourself.

“Oh yeah, why haven’t I been doing this already?!”

Well relax friend, I am going to show you how to get some of the best freebies available by going to the source yourself and complimenting a brand to receive free items unlike any you ever have before.

We all have our favorite brands and shops that we go to for our shopping needs. We may favor one brand over all others in a certain industry, and they love to hear about that! Businesses love loyalty customers; it is their end game to every lead they generate.

1.    Generate a lead.

2.    Make the sale.

3.    Delight the purchaser after purchase.

4.    Create a loyal customer base of constant repeat shoppers.

So when they receive feedback from someone who is obviously heavily invested in the their business, they want to continue the trend of keeping their customers happy. Send them a message telling them all the things you love about their product or service, and how its changed your life for the better.

 At the end ask politely and professionally [maybe throw in another compliment here] and ask for some free samples. They will more than likely be more than willing to send you a package of some freebies, and even if they don’t keep asking here and there. They will eventually give you what you want—but we are almost certain that this will work, if done properly, right away.

On the flip-side of the coin, you can also send them a message that explains some issues you are having with their product or service. You don’t need to go into detail about how awful they are, just politely explain to them that you are dissatisfied and would take a free sample from them to make things right. They won’t want to lose you, and you will be getting what you asked for.

While both of these methods are highly effective and moral, lying about either of these can backfire on you. Don’t turn this into a scam scheme of yours, just act like the normal freebie wanting customer that you are!


Think big.

Don’t be shy or scared away by big top named brands, they are more likely to give you some of the latest free stuff over any other company because they have the resources in place to do so with a high level market strategy aimed to keep their customers loyal.

Just make sure that you check to see where the company is located and based out of ordering from a company in the UK will take a month or more to get to you, and by that time it isn’t even worth it.  

Another obvious aspect to consider here is to pursue brands and companies that you actually love and enjoy using. What is the point of a man asking NIVEA for a sample of there latest shampoo if its scented for women? 

Look for addresses at the bottom of their web sites, you can usually locate the “contact us” page down there if it isn’t already on their menu. Look for the customer support addresses or enquiries so that you are sending your message to the right employees!

First of all, you are going to need to preplan this letter. You need it to stand out and pop to your recipient, while staying as professional as possible. Speak professionally, with zero grammar mistakes as a formal customer who would like to address a complaint or commend them on how much you enjoy their business.

Like I mentioned above, brands appreciate customer loyalty with very high standards and therefore, will want to do anything they can to keep you happy or bring you back to being happy. For most cosmetic companies or businesses of that nature you may be required to fill out a form of some kind to send in them in a more formal way.  

Blogging is an incredible tool that you can use at your disposal if you happen to be a writer, and frequent blogger. Especially if you have a lot of followers, that read your blog frequently. Mention this to the company and maybe provide some attachment of proof and they may offer you a small time gig to write reviews for the freebies you receive. 

Try loading a photograph of you using their product and if you are happy with them show it! If the product is make you dissatisfied, then showcase that as well.
For some this won’t be a big deal, but for those of us who love to indulge a little more than we should on things, the freebie you receive may not meet your standards of longevity. Expect small sized items, money off coupons, and things of that size and type. Getting these regularly or by various companies can add up and why wouldn’t you? —its free!


Dear <insert company name> Representative,

I absolutely love your <product name> and use it every single day. I choose you guys over any other brand on the market today, and have been for the past <insert years> and I don’t plan on changing that!

Except for the pricing on some of your products has been holding me back from getting a complete <insert company> experience. The cost forces me to spend my budget all on one thing, and I’d really like to see what your other products are like. I know how incredible some of them are, but I would really love a chance to try them for future purchase decisions. 

Do you have any samples that you could possibly send to me? So that I can at least get a taste of what your other products can offer me? I would be so grateful, and be willing to accept anything you may have samples of.  

Thank You for reading and I hope to hear back from you soon!

Best Regards,  

<your name>

<your address>

<your email>

It is time for you to go out and apply these easy-to-do sample requests! Send out numerous letters to a wide variety of companies and find out which ones are actually responding with freebies. This can help you adjust your email, and begin to continue a life of free stuff.
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