On Tuesday morning me and the girls got up and did our usual morning routine by getting ready and doing the school run. Elliw goes to her speech and language school on Tuesday afternoons, so Elliw was walking back home with me after dropping Mia off. I usually really dislike the school run because it can get pretty boring going the same way and seeing the same things all the time. But Tuesday morning was pretty fun.

It was a spitting a bit and I was hoping it wasn't going to pour down but we were walking ever so slowly and playing some game such as eye-spy and then Elliw wanted to sing her favourite song about jumping monkeys! But instead of the monkeys jumping on the bed they were jumping in puddles. She was doing the funniest dance moves whilst walking and even tried asking me to dance too!

When we got in the house we did our usual thing and take our coats and shoes off. I put on my slippers and off Elliw went and grabbed the iPad for a little bit. We went into the living room to have a big cuddle and I put on some old videos on YouTube such as TotsTV, Rosie and Jim and her favourite out of them was Andy Pandy! She even managed to find a really old episode in black and white.

Some school morning walks can be fun!


  1. It's good to see something that we think of as mundane through the eyes of our children isn't it?! The school run suddenly becomes an adventure :) And, love that her favourite video was Andy Pandy!

  2. Oh how sweet - I agree, seeing something through the eyes of our children is so important, it really paves the way for a bit of fun and a happy parenting moment :) Hx

  3. aww thats so cute! I hope she did manage to get you to join in ;)

  4. Awww, so cute, she looks a true picture of mischief in the photo!xx

  5. Aww bless her. Sounds a lot more fun than my school run back to the car on my own! :)

  6. Thats why I do like walking the school run, being able to have fun and interact with them.


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