How to get more for less when shopping online

It’s well known that most of us love a deal. However it appears we are willing to put in the work to hunt out the best bargains too. It was recently suggested that the average Brit spends just under 200 hours every year checking prices on the internet or at the shops in a bid to find the cheapest price. That’s over 8 days a year – quite a commitment!
So why is it that we’re so obsessed with sales? Well, if you consider that the average UK family has two children, and it’s estimated that the cost of raising a child in the UK is around £230,000. Multiply that number by two and that’s a lot of money to find. Now consider as well that the average UK household income is only around £31,000, and you can see quite clearly the challenge that faces many of us.
Sales offer a simple solution; they allow UK families to make their income stretch further, making popular brands more accessible and providing people with the purchase power to obtain higher quality products for a more affordable price. Indeed, this is the reason that we all flock to the stores on Black Friday and save up for the seasonal sales.

But the truth is that you don’t need to hold out for the key sales periods, sales are happening all the time. Sure there’s more stock on sale in January than February, and there’s certainly great deals to be had on Black Friday, but in truth, most retailers are on sale all the time – they just decide not to advertise it.

Stuart McClure of said: “Unknown to most of us, ay any point in time, whether seasonal sale period or not, between 10% – 15% of all retail products carry a reduced price tag; this is normally because the product has more stock then required or perhaps the line is not selling as quickly as expected.”
While sales peak on Black Friday, and the Christmas and January shopping sales, there’s still a significant proportion of retailers stock on sale at any time – busting the myth that it’s all over after January.
By shopping from a site such as, where everything is on sale, means you no longer have to pay full price for anything, nor do you have to visit a range of different online shops only to realise that your size is sold out. allows users to browse only your size, favourite colour etc in order to make your shopping experience even more streamlined, as well as following your favourite brands and get live updates of their sales stock.
And let’s face it, although most of us are keen to make our money last for just that little bit longer, refraining for shopping altogether just isn’t an option. However, by making regular and substantial savings on things you buy, whilst sacrificing very little, if anything, in terms of quantity or quality of what you’re wearing or doing, is how to get the best of both worlds.
If you haven’t already figured out how to get more bang for your buck when it comes to shopping, now is the perfect time to start.
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