27 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Can not believe this is my LAST week in the second trimester. I have been waiting and waiting to reach the 3rd trimester and now I just want to hit that 30 week mark. It's starting to go quite slow now considering the second trimester has gone pretty fast for me up until the past week. Baby boy has been making me feel quite uncomfortable this week. I will happily leave something on the floor if it meant I had to bend down and pick it up! 

I have had a rough week with everything. I have come to that stage where I feel like I just need a break from everything but yet again, there's still so much to do and I hope I get the energy to do it very soon so I can just relax in the last few weeks before baby boy arrives. I recently wrote a post about how I am currently coping with pregnancy and two children. It's hard but I am getting there {I have too!}

I had a call last Friday afternoon from the midwife at hospital to say my bile acid and liver function blood test levels had raised so I needed to go and get bloods taken at hospital. I went on Tuesday and spoke to the doctors. Got my blood test done again and now have to visit hospital once a week to get my blood tests done weekly and soon start monitoring. I have my 28 week check up with my local midwife next week and I think I will be getting measured from then on too. 

I am not going to lie but I have cried loads this week. My skin feels horrible. I have no rash or spots as that doesn't come with Obstetric Cholestasis. But it feels I have 1000's of ants crawling under my skin, everywhere! It doesn't feel nice. It feels horrible. Sunday I couldn't sleep until 3AM! My hands and feet were just itching me way too much. My bile acids have raised and I am now on medication {finally}. They had raised from 13 {just under being raised} to 19! So it was quite a big jump but still not severe which is good. They are now keeping an eye on me once a week. 

The girls are still really excited for their baby brother to arrive. They are still fascinated with how big my bump is growing.  I have a doppler and they have both been taking interest in listening to baby move and trying to find baby's heartbeat.


Baby boy had a few days of being lazy but has made up that time by moving alot the past few days. He does have a name and I have already bought some personalised items but the name is secret until he is born! His nursery isn't ready yet and we still have to buy a few last bits but I am feeling a little too laid back about them at the moment. 

I've had a few cramps where baby has been lying in awkward position. I struggle to get up from the chair {all the time!} I think the tiredness is coming back which is not good! I am struggling on what to eat. I am very emotional and my main symptoms is the itching with OC! Not fun. 


  1. I love the idea of sharing the sound of the heartbeat with your other kids, if/when I have another baby I defiantly want to do that! You've still got some time so give yourself a bit of you time to relax. You'll soon wish you did when he comes :) x

  2. I am so glad the girls are so excited bless them, what an amazing experience for them to share x

  3. Oh eeeek you are getting so close! I have a huge needle phobia and passed out at my general blood tests in my pregnancies so the thought of weekly ones is awful (for me). Good that they are keeping a close eye though. I used to have terrible leg cramps carrying Pickle. Oh the joys!! Kaz x

  4. Sounds like you're really going through a rough time at the moment. Hope the rest of your pregnancy gets better!

  5. Oh no it sounds like your going through a really hard time at the moment :( I hope things start to improve for you soon. x

  6. Sorry that things are a little tough at this time, hopefully it'll not be too troublesome getting your bloods taken, etc. Its lovely that the girls are still so interested though xxx

  7. Good to know the girls are super excited. Always good to keep them involved xo

  8. Sorry to hear about your skin, I can't say i know how you feel because I didn't get any annoying symptoms when i was pregnant x Hope it gets more pleasant soon x

  9. Oh the skin stuff would drive me crazy, bless you. I bet it's a kind of relief and odd feeling to be getting towards the third trimester. I hope the itching settles a bit with some meds. Glad the girls are so excited! xx #marvmondays

  10. Oh gosh, OC sounds absolutely awful! I really feel for you. It must be so hard to cope with that on top of everything else that pregnancy throws at you. But its good that you finally have some medication to help with it. I felt there was a point that things slowed down during my second trimester too, but they seemm to be flying again now that im in the third. Sure they will drag in the last few weeks though! Thanks for sharing on #MarvMondays as always :-) Emily x


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