Top 3 Family-Friendly Summer Holiday Destinations for 2016

Top 3 Family-Friendly Summer Holiday Destinations for 2016
Travelling with children is a great way to bring the family together, share wonderful experiences and make memories that last a lifetime. Choosing a destination for your holiday with your kids can be tricky, so we’ve picked some locations that are child-friendly and offer something for everyone.

The volcanic island of Lanzarote is a fantastic destination for families that want something a little bit different, but still want the sun, sea and sand. From camel rides to water parks, green lagoons to black volcanic mountains, Lanzarote is a fascinating place.
Highly rated across the board, The Mirador del Rio is a viewing point at the north of Lanzarote giving you a breath-taking view of the island of La Graciosa as well as being home to stunning architecture at the summit.
The Cesar Manrique Foundation, dedicated to artist and ecologist Cesar Manrique will be a hit with kids – you can visit his former home, situated in volcanic bubble formations which is a wonderful interactive blend of art and nature – a top tourist site and must-see destination.

Tuscany in Italy makes a fantastic family destination, offering all sorts of activities that kids will enjoy, and stunningly beautiful scenery and tranquillity that parents will love. The great thing about Tuscany is that it can be great in both summer and winter.
The best way to enjoy Tuscany is to stay in a villa, which gives everyone enough space and luxury to truly relax and enjoy time off with the flexibility of being able to out and see the sights. Tots to Travel have a fantastic range of family friendly villas to check out.
You can try out chocolate workshops that will be a hit with the kids, wine tasting for the adults and waterparks and countryside activities in the day time like horse-riding, outdoor arts and craft classes, and cycling.

A little different to mainland France, Corsica is a marvellous location, and at just a short trip from the UK, it’s a low stress journey for a lot of reward.
There are things to do that will suit children of all ages and adults too. Corsica’s beaches are idyllic and make for the ideal seaside holiday abroad.
There are lots of beautiful and interesting historical sites to check out here too. Cuisine-wise, if you have fussy eaters in the family, Corsican food is not dissimilar to mainland French tastes and is simple, healthy and delicious.

These destinations are all very easy to get to from the UK which makes it much easier if you have little ones, and the weather is reliable.

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