29 Weeks Pregnancy Update

A few things have happened this week. I am absolutely shattered writing this post because of it. I have been in hospital every single day since Tuesday. On Tuesday I had my normal monitoring and bloods, Wednesday I called in the evening with bad chest pains and not feeling myself, Thursday I had my consultant and scan and on Friday I had my normal monitoring appointment and then an appointment later on in the afternoon to take my heart monitor off.

On Tuesday I started feeling weird, it's not the first time it happened but I thought, I really do need to take care of myself better especially with baby and if I am worried to just phone in! I was getting very bad chester pains and feeling so uncomfortable. My eyes were feeling funny along with blurred vision. I wasn't feeling myself and so I phoned up. They wanted me to go to the assesment unit and I arrived around 6.45pm. My partner was working but when I told him, he finished work early and came after me and his Mam. The girls also came with me and his Mam and they went back to our home with his Mam when he arrived.

My bloods, blood pressure were all great. Baby was moving great and heartbeat was great. They wanted to do a quick ECG on me, which turned out fine too. However, Doctor wanted to put me on a 24 hour ECG. Which wasn't sorted until the following day {more below}. I was in the unit until 2am! Me and my partner were shattered and I am still recovering from the loss of sleep. 

I haven't been feeling to great. I have been feeling down with just being in and out of hospital. The amount of appointments I am getting is stressing me out because I just feel stuck with how to manage with babysitters for the girls. It doesn't help that I don't drive either but I have been lucky to have lifts from the Mother in Law and I have been offered by many others too.

I have been in quite a bit of pain this week. Although I get chest pains often, I think with the pain everywhere else too I may just be feeling it a little more so it is worrying me and getting me down.

I have had four appointments this week. I am finding it hard but it does keep me busy, I guess.

TUESDAY BLOODS & CTG CHECK UP -  They found a trace of protein and something else in my urine sample so they have sent it off to get checked. The baby was very active and happy. Doctor was happy and just told me that if baby stops moving or any signs of pains, I need to call in asap. 

FRIDAY CTG -  Today's ctg was quick and simple. Baby boy was behaving very well! He did move a bit but not as active as he has been, he must of been sleepy! 

CONSULTANT -  I have a different consultant this time from my previous pregnancies, I am not sure why but anyway! Not much was said in the appointment. She said my bile acids have gone down to 9 which is fantastic and shows the tablets are working. However, the condition {Obstetric Cholestasis} is still there and won't go until delivery. She is happy to try and push me to 39 weeks like I did with Mia and Elliw and I am definitely getting induced again this time round at 39 weeks unless I go earlier or if things don't go as well. She wants to see me in 6 weeks time with another scan and we will then discuss date of induction! 

My bloods are really improving and going down which I am so happy about. The itch is very mild again and I am coping with it. It won't fully go until baby is here but at the moment I am happy with how it is at the moment.

HOW THE GIRLS FEELThe girls are still super excited.

SCAN -   Baby boy was amazing on the scan. He was so active and looked straight at us on the screen. We caught him yawning and opening his little mouth wide! It was amazing, I still can't get over how amazing it was. It is making me so excited for my 4D scan at the end of the month.

MOVEMENTS - Baby boy moves a lot and I have noticed some kind of routine with him. Some days it's different but he does like to be active around 10am - 12pm and evenings. 

MEASURING - Baby measured just fine on the scan. The rate he is growing it does look like I have another 9lber coming soon! 


- Stomach pains
- Diarreah
- Constipation {fun eh!}
- Sore breasts
- Chest pains
- Starting back pains
- Light headedness 
- Tiredness

The joys of pregnancy!


  1. Oh gosh what a nightmare week for you :( so glad the scans all showed everything well with baby boy :) x

  2. Seems like you're having such a nightmare! I was in and out of the hospital 3-4 times a week when I was pregnant with my little girl, I was scanned every week and I was so stressed the whole way through because I was so unwell so I can really sympathise with you. I'm glad baby boy is well and you have only a few more more weeks left to go xx

  3. I remember being very uncomfortable at 29 weeks. Glad the scan is showing everything is well and wish I could make things quicker for you!

  4. I'm sorry this isn't easier for you this time around. I'm 21 weeks pregnant with my third and everything just seems a little harder. I hope things get better soon though and before you know it you will have that sweet baby in your arms. #justanotherlinky

  5. I feel exhausted just reading this! I hope you get a catch up snooze over the weekend. I worried constantly through both of my pregnancies...this mummy gig can be tough! #abitofeverything

  6. OMG 29 weeks, you're getting there. So sorry to hear you are struggling. I must admit pregnany was not a great time for me, but thankfully we have decided to stop at three. Glad little one behaved for the scan.

  7. So sorry for everything you are going through, feel so bad for you. Very excited for your little one to arrive though I bet! x

  8. I am so sorry that you've not had a great week, it must be so hard having so many appointments. Hopefully things will go a bit smoother going forward x

  9. Sorry to hear you haven't had a great week. Hoping things get better for you but in the meantime get as much rest and sleep as you can. Its tiring growing a baby.

  10. Sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling great I hope you have been able to get plenty of rest xx

  11. Sad to hear your not feeling great, hope this week is better for you xx

  12. I'm not surprised you're exhausted - I feel tired just reading this post! I hope you feel better soon x #justanotherlinky

  13. Gosh what a week! No wonder you were feeling a bit down - I think anyone would be with all those hospital visits. At least you know everything's ok with baby boy and you - and not too long to go now - you're on the 'home straight' as I used to call it once I got to 30 weeks #justanotherlinky

  14. What a week you have had. It must be very difficult trying to manage when you have other young ones to think about and rely on lifts. Hope all goes well in the coming weeks.

  15. Sorry you've had a bad week. I had an awful pregnancy so can really sympathise - the end is in sight now!

  16. It sounds like you have had a really tough week, I hope this one is a little easier on you! It's good that everything is well, I do hope you get to catch up on that lost sleep though.


  17. Keep well, dear. Your little one will be fine :)

  18. Shame you had such a bad week, but glad tests were all okay & the bile acid results are so good. Hope next week is better. #justanotherlinky

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