Preparing To Meet Our Little Baby Boy

I am exactly 31 weeks pregnant writing this {23/05}. I can not believe there is only 8 weeks left until me and my partner can meet our little boy, our first little boy. The girls are so excited too meet him and the past few weeks they have been really interested in lying down besides me on the bed trying to feel and see baby boy kick. I have a home heart doppler and the girls always want to use it to hear him moving inside of me and hear the heartbeat if we can find it. I think it's a perfect way for us all to bond and a perfect way for the girls to bond with their little brother.

You could in some way say that we are ready to meet baby boy but there are still a few things we need to do before his arrival. We really need to get a crack on with his nursery. He will have the smallest room out of the 3 bedrooms as the girls share one big bedroom and we have the main bedroom. Baby boy will be with us for a good few months so his nursery won't be used but I do not want it to become a storage room like Elliw's was in the previous house. The only things in the room at the moment are all of his clothes, bath, a few bags I need to take to charity and a chest of drawers that I bought second hand a few months ago. My partner and I have booked a hotel in Liverpool the end of June and we both want to go into Ikea on the way back and I've seen a wardrobe for around £39 which I want for baby boy's nursery. Before we get there I ideally would want his nursery painted first before moving all furniture in. I can not wait until it has finished and of course, you will all get a nursery tour once it has finished.

Our living room is pretty small but we have decided how we are going to make the space for a moses basket and his bouncer chair. We are going to have to pull a bookshelf from there and buy shelves to go on the wall instead so we have more space. I am wanting to buy a few wooden drawers to go with the theme of our living room to fit some nappies and a few other bits and bobs too so they are not on show. With the bookshelf being moved we will have enough room for the basket and chair.

It's going to be such a big shock for us all I think because it's been 4 years since there was a newborn. So I do think it is going to be some kind of challenge but yet again I may find it easier third time round that I did second time round? I think that will just have to be a wait and see. It's going to be really interesting to see how Elliw is going to react around Baby boy when he is here.

I haven't started the hospital bag for me and baby yet. I don't think I will start packing it until I have had my next consultant appointment in June. Which means I will have just about 3 weeks left until he is born. I will be induced so that will help with being able to pack on time before the induction date. As I will be going to Liverpool in June I plan to get a few bits and bobs there for me and baby for the hospital bag.

You may have noticed from last week that we have got the big things ready. As we have the UPPAbaby Vista pram and the Evolution Pro 2 Kiddy UK Infant Car Seat. I have purchased a lovely bouncer chair from Mamas and Papas from a voucher I had through my blog. The only other main thing I need right now is the crib and I am stuck between the SnuzPod and Chicco Next2Me crib. I am hoping to be able to see both cribs in person in a shop somewhere in Liverpool at the end of June so I can compare the difference and hopefully that will help me decide which one to go for. One last thing I need to buy is a breast pump. I don't know much about breastfeeding but I am getting advice from a friend who breastfed both her little girls.

We have decided on his name and it's been really hard not to mention it on the blog. We have actually decided on his full name. We have told close friends and close family but no one else will know until he is born. We decided on his name a good few months ago and I have just fallen in love with it. It may be a love or hate name but at the end of the day he is our little boy and it doesn't bother me anymore if people don't like it. People have been shocked with the name choice because it is so different from Mia and Elliw and I totally agree, it really is different from their names. Just 8 weeks to go!


  1. Oh never mind you getting excited, I think we all are!! x

  2. I loved sorting out my son Blake's room ready for his arrival. It's so exciting when everything comes together and its not far away to meeting your little one.

  3. So excited for you! Best of luck xx

  4. You look amazing! I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant with No2 and in the same boat with the nursery. We took on a huge 5 bedroom project in September and the only room ready is my son's (baby no1) I'm still sleeping on the floor never mind having a nursery haha good luck with everything xx
    P.s. I have gone for the SnuzPod2 the reviews are fab x

  5. How exciting, you're getting so close now and you sound like you're getting things organised! Eek! We had the Chicco Next to Me crib last time and absolutely loved it. We've decided on a girls name, but not boys yet and you're right, it's really hard not to tell people :)

  6. I love reading these posts because I am only a few days ahead of you. Gosh, you are so organised in comparison to us. We really need to get a move on. And that is so exciting that you have chosen a name for your baby boy. We are still struggling. Poor thing might be known as Little Mister H both on the blog and in real life too. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  7. How exciting! I bet you can't wait to meet your little one.


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