Smiling {The Ordinary Moments}

Oh this week has been a tough one. A tough one with pregnancy, money and parenting. I am pretty glad this week is now over and it's Monday tomorrow, a fresh start but yet again I have more appointments. I have 3 appointments this coming week instead of my normal 2 and if I am very honest, I am fed up of these appointments. I am glad I am having them as it is to see if baby is doing well. The waiting does it for me. The small waiting rooms are so hot, with no windows {only one tiny one right at the top which is never open}. The wait this week has been 2 and a half hours on the Tuesday and 1 and a half hour on the Friday. Knowing I have to be back at school for the kids and so on, it stresses me out big time. But there isn't long to go now, but when I think of it, I have over 20 appointments to go!

Parenting has been tough this week. I am not going to say I am fully enjoying this pregnancy because I would be lying. Looking after two children and being pregnant is hard, very hard. You get no time to rest and when you do have time, there are other important things you need to do or catch up on. My eldest has had bad tempers every single day this week and the youngest hasn't been far from it. There has been good times but more tempers than anything. It really has stressed me out this week and again I can say I am struggling but only because when I stress, I start to feel ill and in pain.

When the girls are in bed and finally go to sleep I have been sitting down in the evenings looking at photos on my phone. For some reason if I look back at old photos and think of the good times, the stress seems to disappear for a bit. Their smiles really do make me happy. It makes me proud of them both even though they can drive me nuts and feel so ill at times. They're not going to be 6 and 4 forever. They are going to grow up and be their own person and not want me around as much.

It can be tough being a parent but the good times always makes you forget the bad times. Seeing their wonderful smiles every day and even between tempers, makes it all worth it. I just can't wait for Baby boy to arrive and join our family.

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  1. It sounds like a tough week lovely, pregnancy is tiring at the best of times let alone with two other children to look after. I know it well. I hope that you feel better soon and you are right, keep smiling. xx


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