6 Things You Should Buy For Baby

When you are expecting whether it is your first, second or third {or more} time, it can get really exciting when you think about baby shopping. There are so many things a baby needs but there is only a handful of things you really need. A lot of these baby products these days aren't very essential. Most parents can agree that there are only some important products out there that you really need. Here are five things you should buy your baby.

This is quite an obvious one. We all need to go out and about and the way to do that is by getting a pram. There are all kinds of prams around these days with different looks and price tags. It can get pretty overwhelming but if you have a good look around and read reviews online or heard things by asking friends and family then you could get yourself a good idea which pram to go for. I recently reviewed the stunning UPPAbaby Vista pram and I instantly fell in love with it. The pram costs £699.99 but everything is included. Many prams these days you have to buy extra things such as sun canopies, rain covers and so on.

Wet Wipes
This is a must have in our home. We use wet wipes for everything, from housework to a baby's bottom. You name it. Our most favourite wet wipes has to be Water Wipes. They soft and gentle for baby's, children and adult's skin and not full of chemicals like all other wet wipes. They are not thin and don't rip easily like certain wipes either, which is a bonus.

Car Seat
Even if you don't have a car, buying a car seat for your baby can be quite handy. You may get a lift from friends and family and knowing you have a car seat there with you would be great instead of borrowing. You can also use car seats on most travel system prams these days too. Again, there are so many car seats to look for now days. If you are looking for something that grows with your baby, comfortable, safe and modern looking I would recommend the KiddyUK Evolution Pro 2 Infant Car Seat.

This is a pretty obvious one isn't it. There are two kinds of nappies, disposable or cloth nappies. I have always chosen the disposable nappies as I prefer them, but everyone is different. There are all kinds of different brands to choose from. If you are stuck on which ones to choose, you could always try them all out and see which one is best for your little one.

Feeding Equipment
Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding you need to get the products ready before baby arrives. There are different brands with bottle and sometimes your little one will take any teat but some babies can be fussy and may need a completley different teat from what you bought. If you decide on bottle feeding you are looking to buy - at least 6 bottles, steraliser and formula milk.
If you decide to breastfeed a breastfeeding pump would be great and there are also nursing pillow you could buy.

Moses Basket / Crib
Of course, your little one will need somewhere to sleep during the night. You could either purchase a crib, moses basket or a cot. There are many to choose from these days but it is only you who can decide on which one to choose.

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