Bringing Your Newborn Home

When you find out your are pregnant, it can be the most exciting time of your life. But the end seems like such a long way. When the pregnancy comes to an end you will need to make sure you have packed your hospital bag and your baby's hospital bag. Although we all wait for that moment we get to hold our precious little newborn in our arms for the first time, we all get really excited for bringing baby home too. 
- Be comfortable 
You have just given birth, your body has gone through a lot. You are probably bruised, aching and sore. Be sure to pack comfortable going home clothes for yourself. Whether it is a pair of jogging pants and a t-shirt or even your pyjamas. Making sure you are comfortable going home is quite important.

- Bring baby's car seat
Most hospitals won't allow you to leave the hospital without a car seat these days so be sure you have one and have a the right aged car seat too. A recommended car seat is the Kiddy UK Evolution Pro 2 car seat which is perfect for babies aged newborn - 15 months. 

- Get someone to top up in your home
Although you probably tidied the house already before going into hospital, it may also be best for your partner, family member or friend go to do another quick tidy before you return home with your baby. Entering a freshly cleaned home can make you less stressed.

- Accept help
You may have just given birth and think you should be able to do it all on your own but your body is shattered. Accept help. If any help is offered for you to go for a nap accept it. Even if it means for someone to look after baby downstairs whilst you are napping upstairs or taking baby for a walk.

- Comfortable going home outfit for baby
You need to be comfortable in what you are wearing and so does baby. Ideally a baby gro is the most popular choice of coming home outfits for babies. There is no point in dressing baby in jeans, jumpers or big knitty things as baby will more than likely be too hot and uncomfortable.

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