How You Can Help the Environment With These 5 Household Habits

Awareness of the environment is something that we all need to be all the more concerned about, as our everyday habits and lifestyles are fundamentally affecting the world we live in. By becoming more aware of your actions and improving your household sustainability, you’ll be able to live a greener lifestyle and help support the world that we live in.

1.       Be Aware of Electricals
Leaving on lights, staying on stand-by and overloading electrical sockets are just a few of the crimes that we’re all guilty of every single day. Research has actually shown that the UK wastes a shocking £170 million a year by leaving lights on around the house, so not only are you damaging the environment but you’re also wasting money in the process. Become more aware of your electrical consumptions by improving your vigilance, switching to energy saving bulbs, installing light sensors and unplugging equipment that isn’t in use.
      2. Don’t Shy Away from Recycling
It’s one of the most basic and commonly known ways to become more environmentally friendly, and yet there are still thousands of us who don’t do it, or don’t do it effectively. Putting the correct rubbish into the appropriate bin is a great step in the right direction, however it is not nearly enough. You need to ensure you are disposing of as little as possible, so try and make use of any items that ordinarily you would throw away (e.g. empty jars could be used as storage).
You should also ensure that all household furniture disposal is taken care of in an environmentally friendly manner. You could hire a company to come and collect it for you who can assure it gets reused or recycled rather than just thrown into landfill.
     3. Watch the Water
Water conservation is another key habit that we all need to apply to our day-to-day lives as far too many households waste litres of water each and every day. Turning off the tap when you brush your teeth, flushing the toilet appropriately, cutting down shower time and waiting for a full load when using your washing machine are a few household habits that will help you to cut down your water bill and improve the environment in the process.
    4. Clean the Air
Air pollution is just as much of an issue indoors as is outdoors, so don’t fall victim to thinking it isn’t an issue you need to be overly concerned about. Filling your home with live plants is not only great for d├ęcor, but they also help to naturally filter the air and absorb pollutants that are affecting both your health and the environment.
   5. Improving Insulation
A significantly large portion of energy is wasted through poor insulation in your home, so by investing some money into insulating your home you’ll be able to cut the costs of your monthly bills and help the environment in the process. Draught-proofing your home can help to reduce the amount of heat loss, meaning you won’t have to spend as much on keeping it warm throughout cold weather. Ensuring you have insulation throughout the walls, floor and roof of your house can also reduce the vast amount of heat that escapes every day.
Climate change is an ever-pressing issue and if we want to protect our planet it’s essential that we all collectively work harder at living a greener life. By applying these 5 tips into your life, you’ll soon see the benefits in the amount of money you can save through your reduced waste and energy consumption, so there’s no excuse as to why you shouldn’t make each and every one of these a household habit.

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