Activities Kids Can Do In The Back Garden

There are many places to visit with kids but sometimes kids can have even more fun in their own back garden. There are so many things the kids can do in the garden which can keep them entertained for hours on end. There are a few good reasons to have a day at home and let the kids play in the garden. You don't have to make yourself of the kids presentable. You can all just chill out in the back without worrying about things like you would have to sometimes when you visit places. It's free and you can just sit back with your cuppa and relax whilst the kids play. If you've got a back garden for the kids to play and can't think of many things for them to do, here is a list of things kids can do to keep themselves entertained in the back garden. 
- Bring the toy kitchen and accessories out
- Play with water
- Play with sand
- Football
- Host a sports day
- Water fight
- Draw on the floor with chalk
- Plant some flowers
- Bring the tent out
- Build a fairy plant pot
- Make your own bird feeder
- Play tennis
- Make your own mini garden
- Bring the paddling pool out
- Play tag
- Bouncy castle
- Play hide and seek
- Build a den
- Jump in muddy puddles
- Discover some bugs
- Play with bubbles
- Build your own obstacle course
- Make a bird bath
- Paint some stones

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