Why Vietnam is the perfect place for a family holiday

When it comes to family holidays what springs to mind? All inclusive package deals in Gran Canaria? Wet weekends on the British coastline? There are so many different holidays you can go on with children, so why not choose somewhere a little more exotic like, say, Vietnam?

The country is the perfect place for small explorers (although it’s a good idea to note that such a trip is best for children from around the age of six and above) and those who love to soak up the sun. It’s full of culture, great food and picture perfect landscapes to enjoy.

The bustling streets are full of interesting sights for kids to marvel at – motorbikes are one of the main forms of transportation and are regularly loaded up with everything from whole families to pigs and goods to sell!

Hoi An is a popular destination for families and is considered one of the safest locations in the country. It’s great for those who love shopping, as you can have clothes handmade for you at really reasonable prices and the end results are stunning – perfect if you want to take a little slice of Vietnam home with you and show it off to friends and family when you return.

Zoos aren’t recommended in Vietnam, many of the animals are packed into small cages and not tended for properly but if you are staying in the area the Cuc Phuong National Park and Endangered Primate Rescue Centre is definitely worth visiting. A guide takes you through the trees to see the monkeys swinging through their large cages where they are housed to keep them safe from poaching and extinction. It’s a great way of teaching kids about the environment and the importance of caring for animals alongside your fun family holiday.

The Mekong Delta is another recommended area of Vietnam to plan a visit to. It’s a great location for kids to learn about how other people live. You can visit the traditional villages and see how people work in the rice fields, as well as experience children riding on the back of water buffalos and explore the vast floating markets. It’s a great destination if you want to experience a snapshot of another way of life and is beautiful too.

For the family who loves nothing more than spending their days with sand between their toes and the sun on their backs, a visit to An Bang beach is recommended. With a strip of restaurants and bars gracing the sandy strip it’s great for those who like to fill up at lunchtime and have somewhere to go during the day to grab drinks.

For kids who enjoy water parks the Vinpearl Amusement Park based in Nha Trang is a must visit. Accessible via cable car or boat it’s a great place to spend the day with water slides, wave machines and lazy rivers to enjoy. There is also a 4D cinema show that kids will love, as well as an arcade and a carnival.

So this year, forget about the traditional Spanish holiday, book a trip to Vietnam and go on a real adventure as a family! 

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