Bumpbix Pregnancy Cookies | Review

When I was pregnant with Freddie I went through a few stages of losing my appettite with food and then at times all I wanted to do was snack, but I always snacked on the wrong things. I always ended up going to the shop and buying some chocolate eclairs - craving! When I was asked if I wanted to review some pregnancy cookies from Bumpbix I was interested to try them out and see if it would help my snacking.

Bumpbix Pregnancy cookies are a delicious and nuturious snack for during your pregnancy. There are 10 individually wrapped cookies to keep fresh for you. Their ingredients are mostly organic with no preservatives or additives and they are all handmade with a good source of fibre, folate and protein which are all great for you whilst pregnant.

When I first tried the cookies I thought the texture was quite strange but I actually really enjoyed them. The chocolate chip cookies are great for the pregnant woman and for the baby. The cookies contain oats, flaxeed, almond butter, chia seeds, sunflower seeds and ginger. Most of those ingredients I am not keen on but I did enjoy snacking on these cookies. They also contain vitamins and minerals which is good for you and baby.

If you are looking for something to snack on whilst you are pregnant, try out these pregnancy cookies from Boobpix for only £8.00

* I received these cookies free of charge in return of an honest review. 
All words and photos are my own, as always. 

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