Twinkle Star {The Ordinary Moments}

How is my little boy 3 weeks old already? I really do wish time would slow down, just a little. The past three weeks have been super amazing, I wouldn't change anything for the world. Freddie really has completed our family. He is just an amazing little boy, an amazing son. Many times he stops crying when he hears my voice or when I pick him up to have a cuddle. I do think breastfeeding has made the bond even closer. I can not wait until he gets to that stage when he starts looking up at me. He is slowly looking around and is extremely nosy - it's funny!

Times when I felt down during my pregnancy I used to calm myself down by singing 'Twinkle Star' to my bump, I know that's weird right? But anyway, most of the time it worked and helped me. I sang it for the first time when Freddie was a few days old and he just calmed down and ever since I have sang it nearly every day and recently his eyes just pop wide open and he is just so calm when I sing it calmly to him. I really wish I could just freeze that moment. That special cuddle. The special bond.

Knowing he will be running around one day makes me feel sad. Freddie is my last baby and I just want time to slow down. Don't get me wrong I am really looking forward to see what the future brings for my little boy, but I don't want it to come too quickly. Every single morning I just feel so lucky to be waking up to my little boy and even during the night.

Every single morning without fail, Mia and Elliw will come into my bedroom and say good morning to Freddie and give a kiss. They absolutely adore him. They love holding him and giving him cuddles and kisses through the day. I am so happy that they are getting along with him so well. They truly are fantastic big sisters to Freddie.

Three whole weeks have flown by. I have taken hundreds and hundreds of photos, posted many on Facebook and Instagram and cuddled him so many times. No words can describe how much love I have for this little boy, just like how much love I have for my two girls.

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