Do You Love or Hate The Summer Holidays?

When January comes I get all excited for the school summer holidays. The sun is out {sometimes}, spending time with the kids and not having to get up so early to do the early morning school runs. I love it! The first week and maybe second week it's not bad. I tell people that I have been looking forward to have them off, I plan to do as much as I can with the kids whilst they are off before heading back to school in September. But then the third week comes...
That arguing which feels like it is non stop through the whole day. Arguing about the most littlest and silliest things. You watch them arguing with each other and just think roll on September! You wake up every morning hoping that today will be a good day. The kids are behaving {shockingly}, but not for long... you can't remember the last day they had one day with no arguing. Come on September... 

No adult conversations makes you insane. Having to answer 1 million questions a day for 7 weeks is a bit too much. Having to listen to the kids moider your head each day can cause a headache *ouch*. Of course, we love the kids talking and asking questions but when it is constantly and you have hardly no adult talk during the day then it can be exhausting, can't it? At least when you are on the school run you can have some kind of adult conversations!

The tempers that make you feel drained. Those damn tempers when the child just looses it and you struggle to calm them down. I mean, they are used to being in school 5 days a week and then all of a sudden they are home 24/7 for 7 whole weeks. So I guess they do have the right to throw a temper and be frustrated right? But it can be too much to handle when it happens most days and just throwing silly tantrums over silly things. Again, roll on September.

Running out of ideas. If you're on Facebook or Twitter you may have seen many posts that give you ideas on what to do with the kids over the summer holidays and places to visit during the summer, but there is only so much you can do each day, especially for 7 whole weeks. Not all activities will keep children entertained. But there are ways you could keep track and be orgainsed during the summer holidays if you are up for it! 

Routine goes out of the window. When you're so used to putting the kids to bed at a certain time, getting up at a certain time and planning the day around the school hours, the summer holidays can totally mess up your routine. The hours will fly by, you'll realise the kids will be going to be later than their usual bed time {sometimes} and this is another reason you just can't wait for September to come. 

But of course, there are some good days! I mean, the kids aren't small forever are they and it's good to spend more time with them as they are growing. It's good to have a routine with kids but it's not the end of the world if that routine stops for just 7 weeks out of the whole 52 weeks in the year. Although there may be more bad and stressful days than there is of good and happy days, the good days are always remembered more than the bad days. It's always good to make some memories during the summer holidays with the kids before they head off back to school.

I love making memories during the holidays. The kids are playing nicely for a change and whether it is in the house, your back garden or anywhere else you have gone there is always something that will put the child in a good mood. Get your camera out and take those photos so the day is remembered. 

Preparing for school can be a big thing for most parents. Especially if it's the child's first time going to school or first time going to full time school. It's scary but exciting for some parents and child. So having that summer to spend with each other before school starts is good for you both. 

How are you finding the summer holidays?

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