Just Another Linky 20/08

Happy Saturday! Hope you've all had a wonderful week. The linky wasn't busy last week but thank you so much to all who linked up. I am really hoping this linky picks up in the next few weeks so we can all have a big range of blogs to read again like a few months ago. I plan to give it a good few weeks again to try our best to pick it up and get it popular again.

I've had quite a busy week work wise and I am glad I have come back on the blog wagon again. I'm still trying to find the time to do it but I've also started comping. I find that it's something to do when Freddie is feeding. I look forward to read all your posts this week. 

As always: This linky is for all bloggers. Link up any kind of posts but remember don't link and jump! Be sure to read the guidelines below before linking.

*  G U I D E L I N E S *

- When you link up be sure you are linking up a blog post only

- If you are taking part, make sure you comment on the post before you AND two other posts
- When commenting be sure to leave #justanotherlinky at the end of your comment
- Feel free to leave a badge or link at the end of your post, but I would appreciate it somewhere on your blog {eg. on a linky page, side banner etc}
- ANY kind of post can be linked up
- ANY kind of blogger can link up and join in
- There is no theme to this linky
- Please do not link up any giveaways, UNLESS it is a part of a detailed post

When you comment on other posts remember to add #justanotherlinky at the end! 

- Please do not link up more than two posts

- Linky is now open from Saturday until Monday 11.55pm. 

* S O C I A L  M E D I A *


- Feel free to tweet your post to me @lifeasmumblog and @mylifeasamummyx and use the #justanotherlinky hashtage, we shall re-tweet you
- If we are not following you, please leave a comment on this page and let us know Or tweet us!
- If you would like to be reminded on the morning of when the linky is open, do let us know

We do have a Facebook page. Which you can find here. It would be great if you could all join, pretty please! It's basically a support page and a page you can share you posts. I will do a weekly thread too. More details to come on the page. 

Other new things to come to this linky is: Post with most comments, Blogger who's commented the most and my favourite post. 

This is new to #justanotherlinky and I thought it was a good idea to add it to the linky so people don't link drop and run. Last week's linky wasn't busy at all but I was still happy with the people who did comment on other posts {this does not include the host posts!}. Sadly, there was 1 post which had no comments and only from Laura and myself. So please remember that the linky is open until Monday and there will be new posts since you linked up. So please come back and share the love!

Each week we will let you all know who our top 3 commenters were. From last week our top commenters were:

Our top commenter was the lovely Jenny from Midwife and Life

Our second top commenter was the lovely Lisa from The Working Mummy

Lastly, our third top commenter was Toni from Gym Bunny Mummy

Thank you so much to you 3 and everyone else who commented!

The more you comment the higher chance you have to be in the top 3!

Laura and I loved reading your posts from last week. Each week we will both choose our favourite post of the week and share it on the following week's linky.

My favourite post of the week was Nige's post Children: OMG! The Cost! talking about how expensive kids really are as they grow older.

Laura's favourite post of the week was the same as me!

Now all there is to do is, link up :) Enjoy! 

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  1. Hi your not following me yet. I would love to be reminded when the blog opens x


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