Freddie and Me {The First Two Weeks}

As I have many posts ready to write up I thought it may be best to write a post about Freddie and myself together instead of separately. The first two weeks have flown by, a little too fast but I have loved every single minute of it with my boy. I must admit having a boy is different {so far} than having a girl. The amount of times he has pee'd on me since the day he was born, ha ha. I wouldn't change him for the world.

I had awful after pains in the first week after giving birth to Freddie. I never had bad after pains with my girls so it was different this time round. Paracetamol only worked a little bit but I just got on with the day and didn't really complain about the pains unless they were really hurting or very uncomfortable. It was hard breastfeeding whilst having the pains because breastfeeding was quite painful the first week too. My after pains soon calmed down and stopped half way through the second week - thankfully. 

I was told that I lost a litre of blood after giving birth and I was quite heavy then for the next few days but it soon went to a normal like period after 3-4 days. The same happened after I had my second too, so I was glad for that. I do realise that I bleed more if I have moved around alot during the day or if I have gone for a long walk. I have had days where I haven't bled at all - yay! 

The first week I felt good. I felt ill with after pains and bruised below but otherwise I felt good in myself. The second week was up and down. I was mixed with emotions and the worries of my partner going back to work the following week. In fact, I was dreading it. I was getting miserable with people visiting in the evenings as those were the times Freddie cluster fed and I just didn't feel comfortable with visitors around during the evenings as I was feeding constantly. Visiting has calmed down now - thankfully. 

I have been really looking forward to starting my weight loss journey again. I haven't been 100% on my plan with my slimming world journey but I am slowly getting there and getting used to eating salad, fruit and all the right choices again. My partner has also joined Slimming World which is a great big help. 

First week I lost 14lbs

Second week I lost 5.5lbs

I am really pleased that I have lost 19.5lbs so far, I couldn't be more happier actually. I have a very long way to go again but I do have a goal, and I would love to be back into a size 14 by Christmas time. I also only have just over 1 stone to lose to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight, which I am extremely happy about. 

{first pic: 38 weeks pregnant // second pic: roughly 2 or 3 days post partum}


Although Freddie tongue-tie he is latching on and feeding extremely well from day one. He has started to cluster feed which can be a pain at times because you're constantly stuck and unable to do thing but I do love mam and son time. Breastfeeding has been pretty painful but there have been days where it's not been bad at all. I will not be stopping anytime soon. It's going much better than I thought. 

He is still newborn so having wake up calls during the night is expected. The first few days were pretty bad, he was waking up many times. I have noticed since my milk supply has been coming in more he has been sleeping better during the night. He goes down to sleep around 11pm - midnight {sometimes 1am} and wakes up every 2-3 hours. Once or twice he slept for 4 hours. He then cluster feeds from 8am - 9 am until his next nap around 12pm-1pm. 

Two or so times during the day Freddie will be really alert, eyes going everywhere being nosy, listening to sounds and just acting very interested in what is going on around him. He fills his nappy a lot! Many of times he has pee'd and poo'd on me - oops! He absolutely loves his cuddles and falling asleep on my chest. I have noticed he does recognise my voice and calms down pretty quickly when I hold him and speak to him. These two weeks have been amazing. He has grown so much.

At birth he weighed 9lbs 2oz. His first visit with the midwife he went down to 8lbs 6oz which I got pretty worried about but the midwife told me not to worry. 2 days later he got weighed again and he went back to 8lbs 15oz! We had our first visit from the Health visitor and he is now currently 9lbs 9oz which is past his birth weight, so I must be doing something right with feeding. 


  1. Sorry to hear about the blood loss & pains, sounds very uncomfortable. Hopefully you'll get more days where you won't be bleeding. Congrats on the weight loss, I'm sure by christmas you'll lose the weight if you stick to the diet and breast feeding helps a lot. It's crazy how time really flies x

  2. Well done with the weight loss. Having your partner on board will be a big help!

  3. Oh those after pains - they were SO much worse third time round. I wanted to cry!

  4. It's great that feeding is going so well. That alone will probably eliminate a lot of stress.

  5. Glad to hear that he's doing well! The bleeding will subside soon enough, and hopefully the weight loss keeps moving at a healthy pace!

  6. So tiny! What a cutie! Big high five with the weight loss - don't put too much pressure on yourself though. Just enjoy those early days with your adorable baby :)

  7. Oh my he looks just so tiny, what amazing big eyes he has wow x

  8. Sorry to hear you've been in some pain/ discomfort but the photos of Freddie are just adorable x

  9. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy! Such gorgeous pictures xo

  10. Beautiful photographs of Freddie. They don't warn you about after pains do they - sometimes they are worse than actual contractions!

  11. Gorgeous baby, congratulations! So sorry that you have been in pain. x

  12. Awww welcome to the world Freddie, he's just so cute and adorable. I am sure all the pain you've experienced during and after is all worth it just looking at him.

  13. As someone who isn't a mam, this was a lovely post to get an idea of what its like to be a mam xxx

  14. he's so cute! also wow on the weightloss. chuffed for you :)

  15. He is allllllllllll the cuteness. Seriously. Wow on the weightless Beth, absolutely AMAZING! Go you!

  16. He is so cute, congratulations again x

  17. AAAhhhhhhh he's sooooo adorable and tiny. It's normal for weight to drop after birth. Don't worry he will put it back on soon ;-)

  18. Oh my goodness he is so so cute!! Reminds me of when my little brother was just born - they are so tiny and squishy and gorgeous. Congrats!!

  19. As someone considering stepping into the motherhood role in the near future but giving birth etc scaring me a little, this was really nice to read as it was real. not sugarcoated. Well done on your weightloss. I'm sure you'll hit your size 14 target by Christmas!

  20. He's so cute! Well done on the weight loss! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  21. Congrats you have an adorable little boy makes me want another better ask em though Thanks for linking to the #binkylinky please come back next week


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