Celebrate The Release Of Captain America: Civil War With a Healthy Back 2 School Lunch

Captain America: Civil War is out on DVD in stores and online from tomorrow, 5th of September 2016 and has been available on digital download since 30th of August. A 5 star rating from many newspapers such as The Times, The Sun, Heat and many more this film is going to be great. Captain America: Civil War is the fourth biggest Marvel Cinematic Universe release of all time after debuting £36.94 million in the UK. Captain America: Civil War comes behind the fantastic films such as AVENGERS 1 and 2, Iron Man 3 and behing Disney's "The Jungle Book" and "Deadpool".
Who's side will you be on? Team Cap, commanded by Steve Rogers, or Team Iron Man, who's led by Tony Stark? With many other Marel Super Heroes in line such as Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow {Scarlett Johansson}, Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier {sebastian Stan} and many more they are joined by two new additions to the MCY: T'Challa aka Black Panther {Chadwick Boseman} and Peter Parker aka Spider-Man {Tom Holland}.

Film duration: 142 minutes

My youngest daughter, Elliw, loves superheroes so I know she will love watching Captain Ameria: Civil War. I was asked to make a healthy back to school lunch to celebrate the release of the DVD, Captain America: Civil War. Sometimes it can be hard to get kids to eat healthy but there ways to encourage them to eat the healthy foods by making it look fun. 

My attempt of a superhero healthy back to school lunch included: an apple, ham, ham sandwich, cheese, crackers and celery. The lunch includes meat, protein and carbs which is a good healthy balanced lunch, especially for school. Many schools these days don't allow chocolate, crisps or any other kind of 'junk' food. Along with the lunch shown below I will add a yoghurt and a banana. 

- Make it look bright and fun. No child likes dull and boring things. So get the bright fruit and veg out.
- Let them choose what fruit and veg or healthy snacks they want when you go out shopping
- Eat the snacks with them and encourage them
- Art! As shown below, cut some shapes out, do a funny face or their favourite character out of the healthy food

* I was sent a Captain America: Civil War DVD and some goodies in return of making a superhero healthy lunch and a post.

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  1. maybe I should do this for my oldest... also known as my husband ;)



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