Best Ways To Avoid Travel Sickness

When you plan to go out somewhere, whether it's a short journey or a long journey, you need to travel there somehow. Many people are fine with travelling but there are many who suffer with travel sickness. I only suffered travel sickness through my pregnancies and have been lucky not to suffer since. There are a few ways you could help avoid travel sickness if you suffer:

Keep Cool : When you're getting the symptoms of travel sickness the last thing you need is to feel all hot. Turn on the air conditioning or put all windows down if you are travelling in a car. Also it may be best to have a few stops in between so you can get some fresh air. Even a little walk to a shop or down a street may help you.

Sit In The Front : If you suffer with travel sickness, it is always best to make sure you sit somewhere where you can see the road. So if you are in a car, sit in the front and not the back so your eyes concentrate on the road.

Sleep : What better way to try and avoid travel sickness by falling asleep during your trip? It can work for some.

Sea-Band : Sea-Band is clinically proven to relieve travel nausea. You will have no side effects using this band as there are no drugs involved. It is a washable and reuseable band and only priced at £8.59 for adults and children.

Breathe : When you are feeling nausea, take deep breaths with the window open and when you have your stops make sure to take deep breaths again and take it slow.

Concentrate : Do not play with your phone or read books as it can worsen your travel nausea. Concentrate on the road.

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