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Life has changed a lot since I gave birth to my third child, Freddie. I do think going from a Mum of 2 to 3 is much harder than going from 1 to 2. Saying that, I wouldn't change it for the world. I love all my children, so much. Before I had Freddie I used to blog for a good few hours each day but since having Freddie I've only managed a day here and there and about an hour max some days, which isn't enough for me to catch up on work. I have been really behind on blog work recently but I am trying my best not to stress out too much over it because at the end of the day, Freddie isn't going to be this little again and neither are my girls.

I look back and I do think maybe I was blogging too much before I had Freddie and I should have spent more family time with the girls instead of blogging some days. I have learnt my lesson and have decided to try and do a rota once Freddie is a proper routine with naps during the day. Both girls started back at school this week and just seeing Elliw going in at 9am and not seeing her all day until 3pm made me realise that I spent too much time on this and not enough with her, but don't get me wrong I did a lot with her and I hardly blogged during the weekend. It does make me sad thinking about.

I haven't really updated you on how my life has been recently since I became a mum of three. It has been hectic. I gave birth the day after the girls broke up from school for the school summer holidays. My partner took two weeks paternity leave which I was so thankful for. He did amazing and helped me out so much, I couldn't thank him enough. He took the girls out to so many places and we loved having him around during the weekdays.

Second week in I could feel my nerves kicking in because I knew my partner had to go back to work the following week and I just wanted time to slow down. I started to feel different. I was getting very emotional about the thought of him going back to work and me being home with 3 kids by myself whilst he was at work. The day came when he returned to work and it was hard. I was still learning {and still am} about breastfeeding - it was still new to me. We were three weeks into the summer holidays and the girls were starting to get a little bored. I was still recovering from after pains and just not feeling myself so I wasn't able to do much with them and I felt so guilty.

I did visit a friends house a few times and went for a walk with the girls and Freddie a few times too but otherwise we stayed in the house. The girls loved playing with water in the back garden though so that made me feel less guilty. My Dad took the girls for the night and day which was much needed as I hadn't had time just me and Freddie for about 3 weeks otherwise and I felt like I needed it as it's so hard to get one on one time with having to look after the girls too. My partners mother took the girls to the park for a couple of hours once and took Elliw shopping for a few hours one time too which was a help.

The summer holidays were tough. The girls hardly listened through the whole 5 weeks (after my partner went back to work). I do feel guilty that I didn't take them out to many places as I hoped but I was still feeling rubbish in myself and recovering from giving birth to Freddie. I was still learning about breastfeeding and trying to get into some kind of routine but it was quite difficult when Freddie was cluster feeding most days. I was exhausted, I was sleep deprived and I struggled and I am not afraid to admitt it either, being a mum of three is bloody well hard. Trying to balance a newborn and two school aged children is hard - especially for 7 whole weeks.

The last two weeks I felt were the hardest, I really did think that they were ready to go back to school. We were all ready to get back into the school routine. Freddie was unable to sleep properly during the day through out the whole summer holidays because when he fell asleep the girls would poke him or argue and whatever else which then resulted in Freddie waking up and taking a while to get back to sleep again and the only way he would go back is if he was comforted on me.

The first week of school has helped a little with the routine. We have got ourselves into a morning routine quite easily and I'm so glad about that because I was worried about the school mornings. Freddie has his morning and afternoon naps most days since the girls started back at school but they're not long naps so I still don't get that much time to myself to do a lot of things in the house such as work or housework - but one day I will so I'm not worrying about it now.

I guess time will get easier seeing as they are both at school now. I do have plans ready for the next holidays to hopefully make it easier and a little less stressful than the summer holidays just been.


  1. That last photo is lovely. It's so hard trying to find a balance between being a mum and wife and blogging. I totally lost my mojo over the summer as was too busy spending time with the children and my husband is off work which is normally when I'd get my posts written! I'm hoping now I've started writing again it'll flow better. #marvmondays

  2. Sounds like you are doing a fab job. And you managed to get them to school. That's hard enough after the holidays without a baby. Hopefully the first few weeks have been the most challenging because everyone was out of routine. I look forward to hearing how you get on.
    also I completley relate on the blogging front. That's the thing about motherhood, everything you do makes you feel guilty.

  3. It's hard enough having one, let alone three! And I get blogging guilt too. You need to do things for yourself to put you in a good mood for them too. Good luck with the routine. #bigpinklink

  4. I love how honest this post is! There's nothing worse than when a Mum makes it look easy 100% of the time, we're only human. I've only had one child so far and I get so flustered at times trying to juggle everything. Raising 3 makes you a superstar so don't forget that! I always try to remember that everything will get done at some point so I don't have to be so hard on myself. My son started school this week and that flew by, I've recently learnt how quickly they grow up and it's all over so fast! I feel guilty all of the time but it's so important for us Mums to take time for ourselves, however hard that can be.

    You're doing a great job.
    Your pictures are beautiful too!


  5. Hi Beth, I cannot imagine what it must be like having three little ones, but I bet you are doing a fab job of it. Don't be too hard on yourself, the children aren't deprived if they didn't get out as much as you would have liked them too. Giving birth and having a new born does take it out of you. I remember thinking (when I had mine) that it took me nine months to grow them, so I was going to give myself at least nine months to get back on track. To be honest nineteen years later and I'm still not there!

    As for blogging? The blogging community isn't going anywhere, your children aren't going to be small for ever and you are only human.

    Enjoy this time with Freddie and take care of yourself.


  6. Your children are so gorgeous!! Thank you for the honesty, parenting can be tough and trying to balance work and children is really hard. I think you're going amazing and blogging can definitely wait. Spend the time with your littles and enjoy some rest whilst your girls are in school. You'll get caught up with work when the time is right. Thank you for sharing with #bigpinklink xx

  7. Aww that last snap of you and the little guy is just gorgeous! Your says sound similar to mine, its really hard to fit much blogging in these days and I feel really behind most of the time, but then like you said, you just dont want to spend that time blogging and miss this time with them when they are so little so I'm just going with it, knowing that at some point I'll start to get a little more free time, at least thats what im hoping! We were all ready for the start of school too, having a proper routine again has been fantastic for us all :-) Lovely update, thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

  8. Oh gosh look at how much he has grown! I think motherhood is just an ever changing balancing act. It's good to read about others' experiences and hear some honest truths! Thanks for linking up to #SundayBest x


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