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This year is one of the most expensive times of the year for most parents as the kids have just finished the school holidays and are now heading off to school. When the kids are off school you like to spend as much time with them as you can before they start school or start back at school to another new year. Things can come to a cost at the end of the summer as you have just spent a lot of money buying extra food for the kids and taking them on days out, you now have to fork out on a school uniform too - which doesn't come cheap. 

Aswell as preparing for the new school term there are many unexpected things that happen through the year in our households such as household items and furniture breaking unexpectedly. There is always something that needs doing in a house and items do break at the most unexpected times, especially when you have no straight up cash to pay for a new one. Our washing machine broke in the middle of the summer which was typical because we had double the washing to do each week. 

Vivus do short term loans which can help you purchase things that you need such as an appliance that has broken unexpectidly or even school uniform the kids. Vivus is a one payment loan where you choose how much you want to borrow which can be anything from £100 to £500 and then you pay them back on your pay day. Vivus is a loan where you don't pay weekly or monthly, it's a loan where you pay back the full amount you borrowed on your pay day.

Instead of going to an office or speaking over the phone about wanting to take a loan out, you apply for a short term loan with Vivus online and they make your decision online quickly. Your first loan has a half price offer. You will pay 0.4% interest per day of the amount you decide to borrow. 

Vivus loans is perfect for anyone who needs to borrow some money for a short period of time and then pay it back in one go on your next pay day. Vivus is not there to help any debt problems, Vivus is there to help if you need money quickly such as: broken appliances in household, any last minute items that need buying or maybe help paying for those Christmas presents since Christmas is just around the corner. So, only take a loan with Vivus if you know that you are able to make the full payment back. 

* If you have any debt problems or money problems - please do not take out a loan that you are unable to pay back. Vivus should be used sensibly as a short term loan for people who need help with something they are unable to pay for but are able to pay with their next pay day. 

* In collaboration with Vivus


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