Boobbix Lactation Cookies Review

You may remember me writing a review about some pregnancy cookies a couple of months ago. They also sent me a pack of Boobbix Breastfeeding Cookies which I couldn't wait to try out because I am breastfeeding this time round. These cookies are to help increase the breast milk supply for breastfeeding mums. The cookies are as natural as possible with no added preservaties and they use organic and free-range ingredients, so they are healthy for mums.

Breastfeeding can take away a lot of your energy and these cookies can help boost your energy and get you started for the day. A great snack during the day if you are feeling you want a snack or even with a cuppa. These cookies will keep fresh as they are induvidually packed which is great to pack one in your bag if you're going to work or going out for the day as you can still have a cookie whilst you're out and about or on your lunch/snack break.

It is recommended that pregnant women do not eat these cookies as they contain Fenugreek but as said above, they have their own pregnancy cookies available for you pregnant ladies. These breastfeeding cookies are great for any new mum who are wanting to breastfeed. Boobbix have also won a gold award for their Lactation Cookies from Loved By Parents.

* I received this product free of charge in return of an honest review.
All words and opinions are my own.

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