25 Facts About Me

I love reading things about other people and one kind of post I haven't really done is a post just about me. I have been blogging for a long time now and I think it's kind of time I sort of come out of my shell and let my readers know a little bit more about it, personal or not. I have nothing to hide about myself and I'd rather people know this person behind the screen. So, I've written some things you may not know about me, some facts:

1. I was bullied all through high school - it was hell.
2. I used to be that kind of 'Emo' person back at high school.
3. I have dyed my hair countless of times.
4. I've dyed my hair bright red once.
5. I have lived with my partner for 6 years.
6. I fell pregnant with my first at the age of 16.
7. I got beaten up at school because I refused to get off a bench where that bully told me to move.
8. My Mother does nothing with me or my kids.
9. I am the eldest of one sister and 5 brothers.
10. I have a liver disorder when I'm pregnant
11. My liver can't handle alcohol much anymore.
12. I have been blogging for three and a half years.
13. I have never attended a blogging event.
14. I am a shy person.
15. I only have a handful of friends I trust.
16. I have moved 3 times in 6 years.
17. My favourite programme is Hollyoaks.
18. My all time favourite programme is FRIENDS
19. One of my favourite films is Father of the bride
20. Beauty and beast is one of my favourite childhood films
21. I've always struggled with my weight
22. I got 'touched up' in high school - he got suspended for 1 week.
23. I am a very forgetful person.
24. I've had depression twice.
25. The sound of someone gulping and chewing makes me feel sick

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  1. Hi Beth, being bloggers, we sort of get to know each other, but not really. So it is nice to know a little more about you. Bullies make my blood boil, we can only hope that they one day get their comeuppance... I was sad to read that your Mum has nothing to do with you or the children. She is missing out on so much. Maybe one day she will come to her senses, before it's too late.

    Our guilty pleasure is Hollyoaks. Fridays are our bad food and bad television days and Hollyoaks is the highlight of the evening!

    I get the urge to slap people when I can hear them eating. I always have the radio on at meal times or there would be carnage!



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