Freddie George - Behind The Name

One of the most important things to think about during your pregnancy is deciding on a name. To begin with we had no clue what to call our baby when I was pregnant. Elliw is a Welsh name and one thing we both agreed on was not to choose another welsh name. We both sat down one evening and thought about different names for both genders. We didn't come up with a big list but my favourite names for a girl were: Sienna and my partner liked the name Lily. For a boy I fell in love with the name Jac.

At 14 weeks pregnant we found out we were having a boy. I honestly thought we were going to call our baby, Jac until my partner decided he didn't like the name anymore. Another evening we sat down and just thought of different names. I realised we were going through character names on Hollyoaks and that is when I fell in love with the name Freddie. The name Freddie was stuck in my head from then on.

At first, Freddie's middle name was going to be Griffith, following on from my partner's middle name but he didn't want that. That is when I decided to add the name, George. George is my Taid's name and I thought it went perfect with the name Freddie. Although Freddie is a popular name, it isn't a popular name around where we live because most names around here are welsh.

I find Freddie being such an old fashioned name but when he was born, he suited the name Freddie and I have just fallen in love with the name even more. So, Freddie was after a Hollyoaks character and his middle name is after my Taid.

Did you have trouble deciding on a name for your little one before they were born?


  1. Great choice! Me and my hubby also sit down for nights to talk about the name of our baby. We even talked about it during breakfast,lunch and dinner.

  2. Freddie is such a timeless name. I think it's one of few names that works for a baby, little boy, teenager and adult men. Lovely choice x

  3. It is such a lovely name. I love the old fashioned names for both boys and girls. x

  4. A beautiful name. My first child was easy, I heard the name years ago so when found out I was having a boy I knew what I was going to call him. He took my Dads name as his middle name. For my 2nd pregnancy I knew I wanted to call my girl....then I found out I was having twins! Then it was tough!!! As I hadn't thought of another girls name, let alone one that went together!!! So hard! Then their 2nd names are both Grandmas first names. Tyler (son) Lily and Sofia.

  5. I love how people come up with names! Freddie is such a lovely name too :) x


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